Looking forward to getting my first (but not the last) package with Planet Express :). They intercepted something that someone attempted to scam me and steal from me, and got in contact with me and sent it back. Exceptional services, great shipping quotes, yes i will absolutely recomend Planet Express. Been using them for about a year because I live in Vietnam and haven’t been disappointed yet. Great service with great prices. Made entirely of local Gravenstein apples, 9% ABV, Aged in oak chardonnay barrels, Limited quantity, Dry and sparkling. Exellent service, low price shipping for Europe. Instead of taking money from them and making them angry because they are unable to either provide the service in a timely manner or at all. They offer over 10 flavors – both apple and seasonal fruits (citrus, peach, ginger, etc.). They combine experience with a product. We have been making ACE Cider since 1993 in the beautiful Sebastopol area of Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco. Planet Express are great and I would highly recommend them and the services they have on offer! Cider with pineapple. By the way, iOS devices owners can also download an app that supports augmented reality. شركة ممتازة لاعادة ارسال الطرود من الولايات المتحدة نحو كل الدول. Cheapest and excellent in terms of Customer service and shipping! Let's see if they remove my review.... my parcel didn't came to me after two months. They need to improve their customer service and accept responsibility for errors sooner! Good service and fast shippingI recommend Planet Express:), Great customer service and fast shipping! It takes one week for PlanetExpress to send out your order once you have made paymentMy package sat in the PlanetExpress warehouse for a total of 3 weeks before it was sent out, unpacked. Would you like to drink cider now? Must drink cold, or sweetness is unpleasant. We had run into problems with shipping, but planet express really came through for us! AVOID! The packages are stuck in their warehouse. No other forwarding company (that I know of) offers such option (low price for very reasonable shipping speed). And they were successful. All went well with my parcel. Just works as it should which is what you want from a reshipper. The contact person is super-helpful - helped me even with choosing the product. Highly recommended! He pedido una simple cotización y la puse detallada y me preguntan que en que me pueden ayudar... no saben leer o qué??? I save 80% in terms of the postage for CDs and 66% for vinyl. Jennifer walked me through the process every step of the way and was very kind and professional throughout. that's wonderful thank you so much A+++++. Trusted service with most reliable effective shipping services, Excellent Service! ‍Jennifer is an absolute diamond! I am very grateful to have had Jennifer's help and support. Fast service and fair pricing. serving: (PLEASE MESSAGE ME PRIVATELY AND I'LL SHOW YOU COPIES OF THE EMAILS). We have been waiting for a package for nineteen days and we don't know if it will be delivered. At Planet Express, we want to make package forwarding cool and simple. THEY DON'T TELL YOU IN THE SMALL PRINT THAT ONCE IT ARRIVES IN OREGON IT STILL SHIPS VIA CALI. If a service is not available, the staff will wait one week before telling you and cancelling your request 3. If you are a curious person, make sure you visit Crispin Cider website where you will find a very accurate description of the taste. This is a mixed pineapple/apple cider, and you can taste elements of both. I want to use it next time. ACE Pumpkin Hard Cider - 6pk/12 fl oz Bottles. Couriers ALWAYS charge paperwork fees, and make you pay taxes. There are 4 basic flavors available during the year, and limited editions (eg dried chili, mint, hops, etc.) Woodchuck ciders from Vermont, USA, are the last in our list. This is not playing fair and will not get them any returning customers. I recommend them to everyone that needs shipping from united states. They are just not prepare to attent business' logistics needs. They are my favorite forwarding company.The good: * Excellent service for both the shipping process and customer service. Excellent services! According to drinkers, it is tuned to the last drop. My package was delivered during 1 week after ordering, Sometimes internet stores won’t accept payment from other countries. The communication with employees, they sent me photos of my order, I could watch the whole shipment and the best thing, it was fast. I'm happy so far and will continue to use them. this shipping company is one of the best on the market i tried their service 2 times and believe me i was amazed of how low their prices are and how fast they were, so i recommend them to anyone who needs to ship at a reasonable price with fast shipping carriers ! i recommend PLANET EXPRESS. Disclose benefits of USPS as reshipper. I'm a big fan of Planet Express, so much so that I wrote a 2,000-word review of them here: https://www.howitravel.co/planet-express-review/Here's what I like the most about their service:1. Well explained step by step, fast process (my package was one day in the depot). ACE Pineapple. Original review:I had an item missing from my consolidated parcel. He went above and beyond to reconcile this incident! They offer more than 10 flavors. But what angers me the most is the way I was spoken to by customer service. Ultra-dry, 6.9% ABV, Champagne characteristics. YESTERDAY THEY TOLD ME FOR THE FIRST TIME THEY WILL HAVE AN ANSWER BY TODAY AND IT COULD BE MISSING.TODAY WAS THE FIRST TIME I REACHED SOMEONE BY PHONE AFTER OVER A WEEK AND SHE PROMISED THAT A SUPERVISOR WOULD CALL ME BACK IN ABOUT AN HOUR. Nothing but excellent! I've been using their service for over two years now and will continue to use them. The best company on the market! I am absolutely disgusted that you pay for a service and not only do you not receive it, but you get spoken to like you are scum!! super service and always there to help you with anything! ❤️❤️❤️. Jako obrovskou výhodu Planet Express považuji jejich kalkulačku, kde si před tím různě zadávám rozměry, váhu a zemi doručení - abych věděla, jak se pošta bude pohybovat.