I know that in many respects this is a desk job, but I’d like to know which ones minimize the “desk job” aspect. Or can I be intel and end up branching to infantry? U know RAS is special duty for 14N and is EXTREMELY competitive, Pm me and i can give you some info on officer jobs. That said I did get to do some strategic Intel in my time so it's possible. I loved my time in the army though, so if you're okay with all that I say go for it. I know linguists who spent years learning a language only to end up mowing grass and cleaning toilets only to be laughed at when they ask for language maintenance training. 5.7k. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Just be realistic about what military Intel is and isn't going in, and keep in mind deployment pace isn't what it was several years ago and be prepared to spend time in garrison. I do not have a degree (stupid, stupid, stupid) and I went in out of HS with no real work experience. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But you should be asking in the newbie thread. Definitely look up RAS, though; I'll likely be gunning for it when the time comes as well. Pursuing a graduate degree in Intel doesn't improve your chances. Join the Air Force. Community for current, future, and past members of the US Air Force. Based on the information about me that I’ve given you, which branch and MOS would you recommend? In basic, I’m expecting to be surrounded by a bunch of younger kids who are very unlike me, but once I specialize in MI, what can I expect from the people there? I’m under the impression that officers are the ones directing the people who are doing the dirty work, not out in the field themselves. I feel as if working on fighter jets is as Air Force as it gets in the enlisted field, so the chance to develop a 'military work ethic' is definitely there. i was air force, but i worked and drank a ton with the army. Curious question: how likely is it for someone with logistical choices (wish list) to branch to a combat unit? However, might I suggest looking into 35S? I want to be able to have some impact on this, or at least get started on the road to having an impact. I was slotted as a 21R after putting 14N as my number one job, which ticked me off a bit (fellow History/IREL major here), but I realized the 14N job isn't necessarily what I wanted to do, in the end. MI is a bit older, but still plenty young.

You might get more help if you ask specific questions. Officers are more for big picture planing and supervision than nitty gritty in intel. No Test Compromise.

It includes learning a foreign language and becoming a regional expert of a specific area of the world that "houses" that language. I have a very analytical mind, think well on my feet, and love talking to and meeting people.

Welcome to the United States Air Force. Like I said, most of intel is paperwork (or if you get into IMINT/GEOINT, looking at pics and video) but you can scratch that itch if you do good work for your unit and pick up those Gucci taskings. HUMINT (35M) tends to require talking to locals, and so they often get picked for patrols as well. Yeah you're probably right, I should have posted in there, thanks though. You will sign your contract with the recruiter, go to MEPS for processing, go to basic, then AIT/tech school. Most Intel guys in the military don't write about political leaders, don't go do any sort of collecting outside combat operations, and often when not deployed find themselves doing additional duties that don't have anything to do with even tactical intel...let alone the Jack Ryan stuff they think they're going to do. 7.What should I look out for when signing my contract? I had a lot of Soldiers in my time that ate always upset that they weren't doing "rewarding" real world work but just endless tactical exercises. State Dept, FBI, CIA, counter-intel, grad school? Join. Almost all of the MOSs and AFSCs regarding intelligence will be 99%-99.9% desk work. I want to be out in the field talking to people, getting dirty, and using my skills. While I am fairly confident about applying to officer after some time working on the flightline and developing myself as an Airman, my questions are these... How does applying for the specific officer jobs work, and what influences their decisions in selecting you? An Intelligence officer is considered one of the best Air Force officer jobs because information is considered an asset. It's more in-line with the type of work you'd actually want to do within intelligence. He's asking a legit question, stop shooting him down.

2.Which MOSs allow for most time “outside the wire”? Members. Things like what they actually do, no vague description like you find on the Air Force website. "What Are My Chances?"

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Based on your desire to work "outside the wire" I would say Army, but during my time with the AF I got the opportunity to go out on plenty of ops by snagging special duty assignments and being selected for special deployments with units that were looking for augmentees.

3.Once my contract is up, what would my options be? Hello, first, let me give you a quick rundown of my background and experience, I just got out of the Air Force this past fall after doing 8 years in the intelligence field. i do know that training, however long it may be, is generally NOT part of your contracted time, especially MI where training time is particularly long (6 months - 2 years) Linguists usually get a pretty nice signing bonus.

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I like being provided information, analysing it, putting it into context, and making decisions based off of that information. MI is the nerds of the military, and other guys in the military wont be as accepting of you (if they havent worked with MI in the field, because we do work out there, and people are appreciative then). There was a guy I went to BMT with who had a harder time getting his clearance than a 2nd generation Pakistani, because he had 2 speeding tickets misdated. For the past year, I have been working in a corporate finance role that pays well, but leaves me incredibly unfulfilled and bored. If you are looking for blood, guts, sex and danger your best bet is to go infantry, then go to SF selection and try to get into the Rangers/Army Special Forces, and if you are so inclined there are other spooky units that will not be named that conduct intelligence operations who farm from the more traditional SF units.