Roaches are brown to reddish-brown in color. 1) Ground Beetle. The bug is also wider than a roach. At first glance, anyone would really mistaken the wood-boring beetle for a cockroach. Below you will find information on the bugs that look like cockroaches and how to decipher between the insects, even if there are only miniscule differences. While they are at 0.5 to 3 inches in length, Palo Verde beetles have darker brown or black colors, longer bodies, longer and thicker antennae, harder shells compared to roaches and they can fly. Crickets are beneficial to the environment and even when they are loud and annoying in the summer, they are still more pleasant than the disease-filled cockroaches. In terms of color, these two have the same red-brown hue and oval-shaped, winged frame. Photo Credit: David Short. The only resemblance they probably have is their brown to black color. A common misconception would be roaches are water bugs. Both are black and shiny, and emerge at night to hunt and scope things out. Keep in mind that ground beetles have 2,000 recognized species while roaches are close to 4,500 so their similarities are completely based on some visible resemblances like color and size. There are several bugs that closely resemble cockroaches and some people even confuse them for roaches while they’re something totally different. Unlike roaches, they do not have antennae. The list below can help you figure out whether you're dealing with roaches or simply bugs that look like roaches… Who would have known that there are other insects out there that look just like it in terms of color and appearance right? Do your research on each pest and learn how to fight them accordingly. Search for more; The Ultimate Guide To Control Cockroaches, Your email address will not be published. This is because they feed on other insects that may destroy your crops. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. They are the number one bugs that look like cockroaches. Forgot password? Learn more about the types of cookies we use by reviewing our updated Privacy Policy. Crickets, like grasshoppers, can jump great distances. Aug 25, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Dmitry. They share similar traits with their exoskeletons and colors. Also, the cockroaches have six legs and the water bugs have two pairs of legs (four legs total), one set is small and one set is larger. Email or password is incorrect. Up close you will be able to tell the difference between the two bugs but from afar the Asian longhorned beetle could easily be mistaken for a cockroach. Call now. Roaches are faster runners and more agile. But compared to roaches, they have higher jumps. By small roaches we either mean nymphs or those types that are really small in size like oriental roaches and brown-banded roaches. The ground beetles’ exoskeletons are harder than the cockroaches, and when stepped on will give a crunch under your foot. The list below can help you figure out whether you're dealing with roaches or simply bugs that look like roaches. They like hiding because they are easily startled or disturbed. For pictures and facts about a specific insect, visit the Terminix® Information Center. Certain beetles and crickets can be very destructive to wood, fabric and food crops. How to Distinguish Cockroaches vs. Other Pests. How to Make Homemade Squirrel Poison: A step by Step Guide, 6 Best Gnat Killers that Proved to be working, The Ultimate Guide To Control Cockroaches. bugs that look like roaches. There are white types of termites while roaches are only white and translucent at their molt stage. These Asian longhorned beetles are part of the group of bugs that look like cockroaches. Cockroaches leave feces all over your home which can cause severe ailments in the elderly and small children. Some species of beetles are predators. Most of the time, roaches are solitary creatures while termites are highly social and a close-knit group. Their front legs have pincers and their beaks are strong for that purpose. The ground beetle and the June bug are two harmless beetles often mistaken for roaches. When a winged beetle is at rest, its wings fold up under hard wing cases, part of the beetle's exoskeleton. I understand my consent to be contacted is not required for me to make a purchase with Orkin. Their extremely long antenna curl back and can appear to completely encircle the body. With all of these, there really is not much to compare with roaches when it comes to this type of beetle. Cockroaches are covered in an exoskeleton. All rights reserved. Christmas Craft Ideas for Preschoolers: Simple Christmas Crafts and Decorations for Young Children to... Best Way to Decorate Christmas Trees on a Budget: Inexpensive or Free & Easy... Christmas Party Games for Adults: Team Building Activities & Office Holiday Ice Breaker, Easy, Inexpensive, and Creative Christmas Crafts for Kids, 21+ Best Outdoor Christmas Planter Decor Ideas, 38+ Beautiful & Creative Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas.