That’s not the solution. I am CRUSHED. There are a few extrapolations at play in my outline - I did say "I think" at the very beginning of it, thus denoting it *is* a theory. However, Calia is a lightforged alliance abomination that has no place in the horde and feels no pain like the forsaken does. They should have been a customization option like the night warrior. While the LOL ALLIED RACE topics are a bit stale at this point, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that they are making Calia's Resurrection in particular special: to the point where she has new features unlike Forsaken or Banshees inhabiting bodies. Shadow is a wavelength of energy, like Arcane - the Void emanates Shadow energies as do the realms of Death, and cosmologically speaking they may be intrinsically related or otherwise reflective of one another. I must say, if that’s how Lightforged Undead look like, I might play one. Did people actually think that they would just retcon Calia out of existence? Arcane, fel, death are types of mágica create by the colision of light and void, the two latters being the higuest forms of magic and thus having unique característics being able to perform things the other types of magic cant. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. WHAT IS THIS HORROR? Calia and Derek will either attempt to topple Sylvanas or lead a new Lightforged Undead allied race. 26 June 2020 12:57 #2. i 110% agree. Perhaps this race, raised with the Light, would stand with Calia and the Alliance instead of Sylvanas. Ever since Calia Menethil appeared in Battle for Azeroth with her new model, players have wondered if she would eventually lead the Forsaken. Shadow energy does not lend itself to this purpose, and if used in this way it requires a lot of power and a lot of technical skill. For 2 reasons I think the LF undead will belong to the alliance: She was killed by Sylvanas's rangers as Calia Menethil. But I wonder more what on earth made Blizzard decide that having that potential route was a good idea… We already know that it is Shadow magic that leads to the state with think of as undeath in the Warcraft universe, and we also know that the power of the Void uses Shadow to much the same end as that of Death (which is why Ner'zhul's sanctuary in AU Shadowmoon is crawling with reanimated undead). Problem of course is that those people she seeks to lead are now part of the Horde and as such enemies of the Alliance, a faction she does have friends and connections in. The worst idea since democracy. Fourth, the word "shadow" is only use as a synonim of void, everytjhing, you said about lengthwaves and death magic and void magic coming from the same source is something you made up. Calia is seen within the priest order hall (Netherlight Temple).Calia reappears as a companion of the now undead Alonsus Faol and is initially met at Faol's Rest, having apparently at some point become a priest.She is a part of the … Feel free to point them out and I will address them if I can. The primary exception to this rule are liches, as liches bind their souls to a phylactery and then use the phylactery to generate a physical form; this process is why lich bodies look nothing like their mortal bodies, and also why you have to destroy a lich's phylactery to truly kill them. I love the new customization options but I also really hate Calia… So I have to ignore the lore which I pretty hard on an rp server. Why would this resurrection transfigure her soul, and to what end?, Achievements, Pet Battles, and Transmogrification, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Online Cardgame. She was very saddened by the fact that her father forced her in an arranged marriage with Daval Prestor an… Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself, That actually has a lot of senses and even the whole fully restorarion could be apply that with Death magic, a fully restored soul with said magic could explain the perfect state for the Death Knights that no longer rot even if they are forsakens(also why not normal necromancer can raise anything besides of bones and ghouls) and somewhat the transformation of Nathanos could be considered "almost perfect" because the Val'kyr needed his cousin life essence because the dead fairies still lack the power to create a powerful death knight, Many of the things you said are either assumptions or contradict established lore. Still they are undead, normal undeads that were raised using an "evil" type of magic and so, they dont apply to Calia's case, Who was raised using the purest magic of all.