[1/8 liter] fresh squeezed orange juice mixed with 4 oz. The separated sums to either 2 cups or 3.5 cups, depending on how you interpret the 2 1/2 cups (two half-cups or 2 and a half cups). You will also need the following to complete this cleanse: UNIODIZED Sea Salt You'll see it on this page after we review it.I welcome constructive criticism, but I'm a person just like you - treat me like you'd like to be treated. Note: Bentonite is the only product known to remove plaque from the walls of the intestine and colon. Is the Master Cleanse Safe for Women who are Menstruating? Each morning & evening you can drink an herbal laxative tea to help with elimination. The Cleansing process is very individual as we all have different diets, live in different environments and are exposed to many different/ specific forms of stress. Sip slowly. Third Day: Orange juice in the morning. This was delicious! As an example, if you prefer a stronger lemonade, you may end up using 1 cup of lemon juice for every 5 cups of water (as we did in the recipe). 1 Liter Chuggable Water Bottles I usually only drink when I need to, and when enough time has passed to allow for a nice spread over the day as I try to manage my daily quota. Especially on a hot summer day. No, thanks! Hi Ward, The notes don’t change if you alter the scale of the recipe. Even popular “sugar-free” options, such as Crystal Light and Chick-fil-A diet lemonade, contain a significant amount of net carbs. Your email address will not be published. Garnish with fresh lemon if desired. Measure 2 Tablespoons of Fresh Lemon Juice into your large cup. Here's how to get your freebie: Copyright © 2015-2020 Wholesome Yum®. There’s a better way. This sugar-free lemonade recipe was originally published on July 3, 2018, and the post was republished in June 2020 to add process pictures and useful tips. Do you have to use that particular sweetener? Just too lazy, lol. Correction to my post…I stated I did the 2 cup recipe quantity. The lemonade diet may be undertaken Log in, This post may contain affiliate links from which I will earn a commission. Please, click on the link to read the article. This is reflected in the Cleansing and Healing symptoms each person may experience when choosing the Lemonade Diet to detox their body. The plaque in your stool will look like egg shells on the outside of the bentonite "gel." * 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper (red) or to taste listeners: [], The Salt Water Flush Didn’t Work (What to Do)? It's also a good idea to read Stanley Burrough's book, The Master Cleanser. Mix together and taste. Store The Lemonade Diet Concentrate in a cool, dark, glass container. Allow to cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate until chilled. I’m confused…the post says this recipe is unlike others because it doesn’t requiring heating or extra steps, just mixing everything in a blender, but step one of the instructions is to bring sweetener and water to a simmer… am I missing something? Next, cut the lemon and juice each half on the juicer (If using an electric juicer you may want to juice the whole allotment at once, since you will not be sure how many lemons will yield the proper amount of juice. Can I take Prescription Medicine while on The Master Cleanse. If you use gmail, drag the welcome email to your Priority Inbox so you won't miss future freebies. powder may be added for flavor (no MSG or hydrolyzed protein). Get the full low carb pantry shopping list, browse low carb product discounts, and visit my Amazon Shop! If you have the needed ingredients, you totally have time to make this sugar-free lemonade recipe. Absolutely delicious and so much fun! If you are doing The Salt Water Flush, you should drink your first glass of lemonade after your first bowel movement to allow the process of elimination to begin. Any keto-friendly sweetener will work, but I recommend using the sweetener called for in this recipe first. To make this work for 2 cups, you will dissolve the sweetener in 1/2 c of water and add that (to taste) to your lemonade mixture. The average lemon yields 2 tablespoons of juice, so if you’re squeezing fresh lemons, you’ll need about 5-6 lemons to get 2/3 cup. Maya, I think you have an error in your recipe, or im misunderstanding it. If you add more water and dilute the lemon juice, each serving of lemonade will have fewer net carbs. I am very curious, which lemon juice did you use? This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free. Top up with the remaining water and serve with plain ice or frozen with slices of lemon and lime. It is not a true fast (one in which there is no nutrition), nor it is a means to starve the body in order to loose weight dangerously fast. Just wondering why there is 1 gram of sugar in the lemonade recipe and where does it come from? } (Note: You might get a kick out of licking the tablespoon measure after adding your maple syrup. Drinking enough water helps to wash out the toxins being released into your blood stream and out of your body during the cleanse. How much would be needed if I used your wholesome cellulose zero calorie liquid sweetener instead of making simple syrup? When you’re ready to drink it, give it a stir and pour over ice. If it goes well, drink several more 8 oz. Having the adequate master cleanse recipe supplies with you before you begin, During the diet, you will only consume the Lemonade that you make each day. This sugar-free lemonade tastes great chilled with ice cubes. How much can you save? 1 Tablespoon Measure I have heard of, and known, people who go for 30 and more. Thanks again……Your faithful follower…… Jan. For a refreshing lemonade that is both refreshing and healthy,  your best option is making it yourself. 10 days is a great achievement and will produce far better results as your body can really begin to focus on the deep and dark within. (function() { The phrase “The Lemonade Diet” is often used synonymously with The Master Cleanse, but I break it down in order to describe the portion of The Master Cleanse when you consume the nutrients and energy from the Fresh Lemon Juice, Rich Maple Syrup, and Organic Cayenne Pepper. You can begin later in the day, even if you've already eaten. Wholesome Yum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This page is dedicated to the directions to The Lemonade Diet Recipe as well as the ingredients, expectations, problems and experiences myself and the readers of this website have encountered. Since I get so many of the same questions this FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page. Healthy Sugar-Free Lemonade Recipe – 3 Ingredients, healthy lemonade, keto lemonade, sugar-free lemonade. If you want to know more about how to start a low carb diet, want to substitute sweeteners, need a food list, or need support, check these guides: Low Carb & Keto Diet PlanStarter Guide Sweetener Conversion Calculator Keto Low Carb Macro Calculator Low Carb Keto Food List + Printable PDF, © Copyright Maya Krampf for Wholesome Yum.