Want more song recommendations by voice type, beyond opera? So, did you like these Italian songs?

How do you stick with your language in the beg. Turn, turn aroundThe world is falling downThe earth is falling downEverybody's sitting down! This is one of the greatest international successes of Italian music. Fabrizio De Andrè was a great Italian songwriter, also known as the “poet of the losers”, as his songs are all about about poor and miserable people. A little cultural anecdote about this song: The Italian world champion racer Valentino Rossi told in a few interviews that one of his rituals prior to a race is to listen to this song to get a boost of motivation…so he could go full out!

Repetition is one of the pillars of memory, and pleasurable activities help to avoid boredom. With this song you get to know the diva and her style, while listening to a lot of future simple verbs in the second-person singular like “ricorderai” (will remember) and “capirai” (will understand). The songs are given in the original languages and with English translations.

From Battisti’s song you can learn lots of great plural adjectives to talk about love and feelings, such as “uniti” (close), “indivisibili” (indivisible) or “irraggiungibili” (unattainable).

His language is quite metaphoric, so  it would be hard for an intermediate or a beginner level to fully grasp the meaning of the lyrics. It is contained in the album io non so parlar d’amore (“I can’t talk about Love”) whose title is nothing but the opening sentence of the song. This is a very classic Italian song, which is super popular abroad too. If you’re struggling to study vocabulary but always forget the same words time and time again, this list of easy songs to learn Italian for beginners is for you! And here’s the English translation of 50 Special. Moreover, it is an introduction to the different regional cultures of Italy, with their folk heritage passed by across generations thanks to the songs and dances of the oral tradition.

, such as “uniti” (close), “indivisibili” (indivisible) or “irraggiungibili” (unattainable). Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. The title means the sky is always bluer.

Many have commentary sent to us by our correspondents who write about the history of the songs and what they meant in their lives. However, he hopes that their love will last for life and this can only happen if both the feelings are based on love, sincerity and trust. Listening to, and/or singing along, will improve your language skills effortlessly. In this song the words are quite easy to understand, but to fully grasp the meaning of hypothetical phrases you should have an advanced level of Italian listening comprehension. Each also features links to recordings on the Mama Lisa website, some by professional musicians, but many by ordinary people who have contributed them to us, to help preserve their culture. With this rap song you will learn many aspects of the Italian culture, as Caparezza is the most culturally and politically committed artist of the Italian contemporary music scene. Italian for beginners: how to learn Italian in 4 simple steps, How to say “I love you” in Italian (and avoid an embarrassing mistake), Ermy is a certified language coach who helps lifelong and creative learners become fluent in the language they love so that they can finally enjoy travelling around the world!

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