Pleasantly sweet with a lightly toasted almond aroma.

Love that it's high in calcium too. Malk is also the most expensive milk we found, for the smallest quantity (though we loved the packaging!).
However I also aggressive arthritis and I find I can no longer remove the well sealed lids even with an arthritic opener. Amazing! Ridiculous! Custom shopping list + save your favs. I found Califia Farms to be the best tasting, in my opinion, out of all the almond milks I’ve tried. Thanks for doing my homework for me, I hear ya— nothing beats homemade. You can order Elmhurst online too through their website ( I was always curious if there would really be a difference in taste. I’m alwyas so curious about this and love how everyone responds so differently.

They got Elmhurst from Publix, a regional supermarket that you may not have, depending on where you live. I have moved your emails to my primary on Gmail and really enjoy reading all of your content and even more so putting as much as possible into action and my diet. Would highly recommend to a Great to keep in cupboard, have been using for many years that I don’t buy fresh milk anymore. Thank you so much. Glad you found it helpful! She did mention the possibility of doing a similar review for all the shelf-stable almond milks and I think the products that can be purchased online would fall into that category. Organic Almond Malk72

Wish we did!

We’re sharing the results of our quest to find the best almond milk money can buy. I don't feel as bloated after having milk anymore. Description.

Thanks for this study. Our website hasn't been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Thick and creamy with a pale white appearance. I really like Malk, so surprised you thought the taste was bad.

Don’t forget to shake them up before drinking! They are both … Great Value Almond & Raisin Milk Chocolate (1) Leave a Review. I'm not a fan of the taste on its own, and at only 2.5% almonds compared to 7% almonds of other brands, it doesn't seem like great value for money, given its cost. I’m going to bookmark this for future reference.

I try to eat at clean as I can so now I am going to check my label of the one I use.

We believe dairy can do more harm than good, which is why we prefer to always reach for a plant-based milk over cow’s milk.

Married my high school love, have 2 kiddos, love national parks + running. I have tryed alot of them.

In recent years, almond milk has overtaken its soya counterpart, and is now the largest sector in value terms. The Sanitarium So Good Almond milk unsweetened (including it's other vanilla unsweetened) are great products.

It is also low in calories and carbs, great most people.

Purchased in April 2020 at Coles for A$2.70. I was honestly so surprised when I tried this.. they only cost 1$ a bar and the chocolate tastes great.

Thank-You. We liked the mild nutty flavour but wished it was stronger. Great report Jen! Tasty, plant-powered recipes for all seasons. Of course making it at home is the best option, yet a busy life often gets the best of our day.

Lightly with a gentle caramelised almond aroma. , Great review!

by Sainsbury's Unsweetened Almond Drink, £1.00 for 1L, 59/100.

Many brands add fillers, gums, fortify with vitamins, and alter taste with “natural flavors” to make it taste better. Unfortunately, our testers disliked the texture, agreeing it had a slight powdery aftertaste that was drying on the tongue. I loved this. I’m assuming red is the worst but not sure about the in between colors. Only downside is that they aren’t fortified with anything like calcium.

For my money, Silk is the best because taste is number one., Vanilla Fig Smoothie with Fresh Ingredients, Pumpkin Smoothie with Homemade Pumpkin Spice, 20%-45% recommended daily intake of Calcium (manufacturers enrich most almond milks to compete with dairy milk), 75% of the world is lactose intolerant, according to the, Improves Heart Health through breaking down fat, Helps breastfeeding mothers avoid clogged ducts, So Delicious Organic with Cashew, Unsweetened, So Delicious Organic Almondmilk with Cashew, Unsweetened, Friendly Farms Almond Original Unsweetened Almond milk ($1.79/Aldi), Good and Gather Unsweetened Original Almond ($2.59/Target), Trader Joe’s Almond Beverage Original Unsweetened ($2.69/Trader Joe’s).

I saw the environmental impact report you mentioned as well and we hope to do Rawkstar Reports for other milks as well— esp Oat Milk and Coconut Milk. We had fun doing the research. This is an awesome report!

Debra, thank you for your feedback! No upset stomach on this.

Testers agreed the aroma was too mild and almost non-existent but enjoyed the creamy gentle sweetness with its subtle almond and milk flavour. So glad you found this article helpful!

Was a bit worried about taste/texture of almond milk..... well because it's milk made out of nuts??!!??!!!! Yet, that’s not always possible or the direction we’re gonna choose. Great job. I use Almond Breeze but def will try out your top three suggestions. I feel like Colorado will have it (and so much more!).

Unable to open the soft bottle form -- tried everything to prise the top off -- attached it with a knife -- tried every which way -- thought I would switch to this brand, however after this first introduction completely turned off. Smooth, with a slight creamy texture, our winning almond milk has a pleasant earthy aroma and a delicate nuttiness that perfectly complements the slight sweetness.

I put in tea, smoothies, cereal and even use in recipes requiring milk. Earthy almonds give a gentle nuttiness with some testers picking up hints of bitter almond oil. It is creamy, has great flavour and has great packaging. As for refrigerated vs shelf stable— it really just depends on the brand. We’d love to hear what you think of So Delicious and Elmhurst after you give them a try. Least popular in our taste test for the best almond milk.

Until then, rawk on! The acidic, salty taste of all sogood products is the result of this "mineral salt" which some daper nugget thought was a good idea.

If you can’t find Elmhurst at your local grocery store, you can actually order it online (it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, even though they sell it in the refrigerated section). Similar opinion? It's official! NOTHING beats making your own almond milk.

I also like Simple Truth organic almond milk (Kroger brand).

If you prefer something tasting a little lighter, you can get vanilla, which is still unsweetened which keeps the carb content at less than a gram per serving.

Wondering why your team didn’t buy at Costco/Kirkland? Love the picture!! I used to buy Califia Farms exclusively, but I found their quality control has gone down the tubes. Thank-You for the study on almond milks..!!! My favorite almond milk is Silk unsweetened. Bookmark.

Thanks for your feedback, we hope to do more of these so I’ll make sure to pass on your comment to the entire Rawkstar Team! Add to List.

Commercial almond production in California requires diverting ground and surface waters from the state’s aqueduct system for irrigation. I will be repurchasing since it is cheaper than most brands!

We have lecithin naturally in our bodies, it is made up of fatty acids.

It is very tasty, even when drinking it on it's own or with tea. Then we rated based on quality of ingredients and packaging (design and sustainability).

Can be used as a milk replacement in cooking. Come back and let us know what you think of Elmhurst after you give it a try! Yet when it came to the taste test, they scored among the lowest. While we know taste and texture are huge buying factors, we also compared ingredient lists to give our best recommendations. Suzanne, glad you found this helpful!

They hit the mark in terms of taste and it really has that slight nutty - milky taste that is just perfect. Jen loves Thrive Market but I believe she didn’t include it since it’s an online store and she was focusing on the brick and mortar grocery stores in her area. !Tried a few different brands and found some bitter and some (organic) split especially in tea.I love So Goods taste. Hahaha— I’m not sure how I missed that!

It’s truly the best taste and you can control the ingredients.

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But can you make a legend for the color coded leaves? I always get califia cuz I like the taste and thought it was one of the best nurtrituonally. I want to point out that this was a blind taste test for us, so it was as unbiased as we could be. However I also aggressive arthritis and I find I can no longer remove the well sealed lids even with an arthritic openerPerhaps if Sanitarium also manufactured 2 litre bottles it would mean I wouldn't have to ask my neighbours quite so often to remove the lids. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Perfect product!