I did it also for Linksys E2000(*) which use the same connectors (U.Fl). other NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender - Wall Plug Version You'll need to test with a wifi client to see if your ext port is left or right... there is Three antenna, because it is 802.11n device, this is spacial antenna. Hope someone knows the real story of this router's antennas! I have removed all my internal antennae on my Linksys WRT310 & WRT160N & WRT150N ANT2409-9 DBI Antenna Model: ANT2409. "But how can I tell what band each connection is for? We add a U.fl/RP-Sma pigtail to the WNR3500L then we plugged an External Antenna. Murata is a Firm...A company...not a connector! But I don't make internet guides so, what do I know. But the router doesn't support 5ghz full stop, it is not wireless-a, so even if you set it to wireless-n only, it will still only communicate at 2.4ghz. I only want to add an antenna for the band that I use. there is some difference between B/G and A kind of antenna. Those antenna are 10 dbi Sectorial RP-SMA With something like 2 meters low loss wire. And they don't work with U.FL's. Through some regular Google searching I found this sweet tutorial on installing external antennas into your WNR3500L. © 2020 All rights reserved. Can you pop some pics up somewhere of the board (radio/connector/antenna area), and of the antennas? @ Mico: I'll confirm what ddwrtliukuohao posted regarding 5GHz signal coverage. I thought antenna was antenna. Trouble : It kinda depends on who you look at it :) I THINK it is female but maybe male :). b/g or n, does it matter? here are French translation URL of both procedure. But how can I tell what band each connection is for? Step 7 Apply silicone paste around the outside of the hole where the coaxial cable goes through. It is not a u.fl connection, and as I already said a u.fl connector will clip on but not connect as its not u.fl on the board. The PCB would still need to be cut/drilled to isolate the PCB antennas. I have two WNDR3300 routers in a WDS wireless bridge configuration. - N I suggest to be carefull with 10 dbi antenna found on e-bay comming from China and so on. I could follow you and say this is not : Sorry but the U,Fl connector embed in the WNR3500L is not only ground welded, the center wire is also soldered to the main board. The added antenna are not used as they simply are not connected. I test it and curiously it works for me, but maybe you 're right and i'm wrong, i spent 6 ? Laughing You can see some pictures about a very similar mod here at the end of the page. The 5GHz radios connect at this distance, but with a very low signal level. Fontena Antenna is Rp-Sma so it will plug to the rp-sma connector of the pigtail without any issue. Netgear, like Linksys, usualy used a Standard connectors for every device designed for open community, But maybe you already noticed it (hope i will not have to do a video that explain this). Between them is a hallway, so there are two interior sheet rock walls and another fifteen feet of bedroom space. If you find Antenna with UF.l connectors out of box, there is a chance that the Gain never goes up to 2dbi(because there isn't high gain antenna with such a connectors)... No I just wasn't talking about aerials, the wnr3500 boards do NOT use u.fl connections and u.fl connectors will not connect properly with the board making those antennas expensive scenery. http://corp.fon.com/en/products/fontenna/. OK, i understand the group of 3 antennas is the 5Ghz/2.4GHz N/A only radio, and the group of 2 antennas is the BG radio. I guess I found the answer but yzy-oui does not talk about soldering. The MAIN goal of doing the modification is get a better gain from adding external antenna. I cannot tell by looking at it. i've also had to install antenna's on the recieving pc too if reception is an issue , ie: on a desktop pc with a wireless pci card , i have added a 10' antenna ext cable with a cheaper recieving antenna hope this helps