Just don’t cheat. Value your relationship. © 2020 Inspirationfeed. The more feelings and emotions you inject into your lyrics, the better the song will usually turn out. Honor your partnership. A good answer to it is "No, I'm not. I'm your step-dad. Hope that your girlfriend can learn from her mistake and be a better woman she has ever been. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Don’t make her worry about you. Start forgiving and get rid of the grudges inside your heart. 14. Love yourself. If you really love her, you don’t need to hide something. 13. Give her all your true love without the fear of rejection or having no return. So do your assignment to know her dos and don’ts – follow the first and avoid the latter. If you want to be a better man for your loved one, be brave! COPYRIGHT © 2020 InspiringTips.com, a Project by Optixor, Inc. |, 11 Inspiring Ways to be a Better Girlfriend, 10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Smile When She’s Mad at You, 20 Signs She’s the Woman You Should Marry According to the Bible, 18 Signs He’s the One Sent by God for You, 12 Signs He’s the Guy You Should Marry According to the Bible, True Love vs. To be a better boyfriend, show her that you can go lower just to lift your girlfriend higher. However, do not overprotect her. i think you're pretty great at what you do. 5. Work your love harder. Be considerate to your partner. She might hurt you when she’s angry. Hence, keep yourself healthy inside and out. Be ready to marry her, at the right age and at the right time. If you know how to take care of yourself, it will be easier for her to love you more. Vic is the founder of InspiringTips.com. You are in a relationship so you’re in a partnership. They don’t love less just to play it safe. 3. 6. Why not do your best effort to be with her? Don’t stop being kind, honest, and humble to her. He regularly writes for the site and also serves as its digital marketing strategist. Give her your most precious time by canceling your important meeting or gigs for her. Relationships do not come with a manual. Don’t be a short-tempered person. 19. If you know your partner better, it will make her feel that you’re very interested in her. I dont do the whole "pictures of us making out on myFace" or being attached at the hip and such things. Thus, start planning and preparing for your wedding and married life. Be humble. Don’t make decisions or actions without your partner’s consent or knowledge. Do something to achieve her relationship goals. Have more faith in her. Some musicians however, find it hard creating lyrics like this. If she tells you to wait, then patiently wait. Don’t stop loving her. So if we look back to say about 3 months ago I think it is, the similarities are astounding. share. If the two of you have already been in a relationship for a long time and you are really serious to be the best boyfriend she’s ever had, strive to be her best ex-boyfriend. It also shows that you are paying attention, listening, and watching over her. She might not talk to you for days or even weeks when she’s at war with you. Be a mature and calm person and try to talk it out. Being together with your girlfriend is better than telling her you miss her through texts, Facebook messages, and other virtual channels. Don’t forget your monthsaries, anniversaries, or even the day you two first met. Do you like this article? 1 comment. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive but one which you have sacrificed the most. Vic likes to talk about true love, meaningful life, quantum physics, spiritual growth, and more. Some girls will always keep their eyes on you, not just because they always want to look at your handsome face but because they always want to know where, what and whom you are looking at. 10. Do not cheat. Let her know and feel that you’re happy and honored to have her as your girlfriend. 18. Girls are naturally caring people. Love also means rejoicing with the truth and not delighting in evil. Im not saying I dont do anything remotely boyfriend like because I do, I wll tell my girlfriend I love her when I feel the need just to put it out there for her so she doesnt think that I am some kinda strange being, I like it. And…. Therefore, you’ve got to pull your weight to make it work. But I want to be good for you. Like a good pinch hitter, I'm here to do my best but I am not trying to replace him. The following are 25 ways to be a better boyfriend to your significant other (updated on April 27, 2020): 1. Walk your talk. 16. Don’t force her to change into something she doesn’t want to be just because it’s what you want for her. Don’t stop wishing, praying, and doing good for her. 20. Make her feel so special. Fake Love: 20 Differences You Must Know, 10 Smart Ways to Get Your Crush Notice You, 16 Ways to Move On When You Still Love Your Ex, 8 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance, 30 Things that Make Your Girlfriend Happy, Sacrifice vs. Love her by showing her what is right. Loving her family and friends means showing respect and kindness rather than rudeness and envy to them. Hope for her. 22. Give her the chance and support she needs to develop herself as a successful student, professional, artist, entrepreneur, or any best version of a woman she wants to be. Trust her. Quarrels are normal in any relationship. First and foremost, sexting should always be a two-way street, because unsolicited dick pics are never sexy—and could be … If she hurts you physically, mentally, or emotionally, don’t hurt her back. Sort by. Have a longer patience. And of course, value your relationship by always remembering that you’re in a relationship. If you want to change her attitudes and habits into better ones, try it by becoming a good role model. Respect her as your girlfriend, as a woman, and as a human being. Stop smoking, heavy drinking, gluttony, indolence, and other habits that will slowly destroy yourself. Get a good feel for the song, and allow inspiration for ideas to enter your mind. I love your mother and I love you because I see her in you. (Restated ... That was interesting more than anything else. 23. So don’t act or pretend like you’re a single one just to attract or get some extra girls. Give her opportunities to grow. Avoid lies and broken promises because they will certainly break your girlfriend’s heart. Consider her dreams and ambitions as a woman. Thus, treasure your partner, be content with her, and make her the apple of your eyes. If you want to have a great time with her without the drama or the headaches, this book is for you. save hide report. 21. I don't expect to be your father. 100% Upvoted. Love her through actions. If you want to be the best boyfriend for your girl, be a man of action and give her pure confidence. This is just my innings. Besides, we are supposed to love our enemy, aren’t we? How To Be A Good Boyfriend For Dummies, Chapter 1: _____ OWE. 8. Be a true gentleman. Protect her from any danger. I find it funny because really all we do is just repeat events. If you want to be the best boyfriend for your girl, be a man of action and give her pure confidence. It will also give her the confidence that you’re serious and she’s your only one. When you offer gifts, don’t settle with the ordinary but settle for the best. Tell her that abuse must not be tolerated inside your relationship. Love her through actions. Be gentle and calm. I dont see why she has to act up, it gives away more than she understands. In case you have found out that she clearly made a mistake and ruined your trust, don’t lose hope. Don’t rely on your own negative imaginations and speculations. If you’re blessed with a charming, loving, and dedicated man, it’s only f If your beloved girl will know that you’re already working and saving money for your wedding and future children, it will surely make her more in love with you. Inspiring and educating creative entrepreneurs from around the world. Let her see who you truly are. You might treat each other as sweet lovers and sometimes as enemies. So if you don’t have clear proof that she is not to be trusted, continue trusting her with all your mind and heart. Be a real man. Don’t take advantage of her weakness, silence, kindness, patience, and others. Be open and transparent. 12. They will love you and always want to see you well. Introduce her to your family and friends. Trust is based on evidence. Protect her. Let her also accept you for who you truly are. Knowing is loving. You should try to make the lyrics you’re writing down connect with the way the instrumental makes you feel. 4. If she continues to abuse you, then love her by saying goodbye. When you have alteria motives then at leaast do so in a quiet way really, I've played these games for much longer than Im willing to admit.. "Hypocrisy", you're not being straight with me. If she says don’t hang out with your drinking buddies, follow your queen’s command. 15. If you will overprotect her, you will become her own danger since you will likely endanger her freedom. 17. Avoid lies and broken promises because they will certainly break your girlfriend’s heart. Be content. 11. Its been a while since the WD was a proper little Jack Russel, I knew it would come but I was enjoying the moments of quiet. Feel free to share. Love her family and friends. Walk your talk. He’s her future husband. 25. Have an openness to listen to them, speaking or otherwise, but pay attention to them in a way that’s showing you care even over the smallest details. Let her know you better. Your Free Resource for Love, Life, and Personal Development. Whether it’s a date on the top of the mountain overlooking a sea of clouds or an overnight camping on a pristine island gazing through the stars and the Milky Way above, make it happen. There is music on but who else is here? 24. Thus, treasure your relationship. 2. Still love her even if she hates you. It will make your girlfriend’s life much easier and happier. All rights reserved. Don’t escape and make alibis. How to send a great sext. Therefore, you’ve got to pull your weight to make it work. Compromise in a Relationship: 8 Differences You Should Know, 14 Ways to Deal with Your Sensitive Partner in a Relationship, 20 Ways to Stop being Self-centered in a Relationship, 9 Ways to Overcome Pride in a Relationship, 50 Inspirational Quotes For Students to Study Harder, 50 Best Quotes about Overcoming Relationship Problems, 28 Inspirational Quotes about Enjoying Life. Press Enter / Return to begin your search. How to Be a Good Boyfriend explains the 3 things women are looking for when dating, and how women can get annoying, jealous, and crazy without them. Relationships do not come with a manual. Be a great boyfriend by ending your relationship to save her from committing more sins even if it hurts. The following are 25 ways to be a better boyfriend to your significant other (updated on April 27, 2020): 1. Respect her. Be a better influencer, not a controller. The best boyfriends in the world are not cowards. ALSO READ: 11 Inspiring Ways to be a Better Girlfriend, Love & Relationship Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, love tips, relationship tips, the best boyfriend, ways to be a better boyfriend. Hoping is seeing a brighter future. Most women are sentimental with their relationship. Who’s gonna be her best former boyfriend? 55 Most Romantic Good Morning Texts to Brighten Her Day, 130 Amazing Sunset Quotes That Prove How Beautiful The World Is, 47 Creative Prank Websites & Products to Troll Your Friends, 120 Insanely Funny Usernames to Use Online, 70 Best Drake Quotes and Lyrics On Success, Life, and Love, 60 Creative Tinder Bios You May Want To Steal For Yourself, 135 Most Powerful Quotes You’ll Ever Read, 40 Love Paragraphs to Make Your Significant Other Feel Special. Let her know your details. 7. Learn how to manage and control your anger if you want to have a more mature, healthier, and happier relationship with your girlfriend. Be fearless. If you’re blessed with a charming, loving, and dedicated man, it’s only fair that you reciprocate by being a good girlfriend. But no matter how she’ll treat you, do not do something bad to her.