Not only did i nearly poison myself to death (and now have a reaction to anything citrus), the smell so entrenched in the house is enough to actually kill a brown dog.

I’ve now bottled in grolsch bottles with a little suger to carbonate properly. I also mixed in a box of sultanas, filled the bucket to the top with water and put a tea towel over the bucket and put it in my dad’s shed. . It had only been settling in the fridge for a day so still looked pretty murky. I put into a second bottle with the sugar and left to pressurise, wasn’t sure the bottle would hold, it was the only one I had and didn’t want a mess, so it only pressurised for about a day. Add your juices, any tea, spices, herbs, lactose or sugars, and honey. You can use any juice you want as long as there are no preservatives. Awesome. Put the apple cider into a container with a vapor lock and let the wild yeast that occurs naturally in apples ferment the juice into booze. Lets assume it is all sucrose. I dunno how long it lasts in the fridge, mine has always been drunk within a week. Shine a torch into the fermentation vessel to see the bubbles better. Maybe the risk of infection increases due to longer brewing time. I think I may have been overly keen though, can’t get 3l of apple juice in Woolies anymore so got the 2l bottle, I used a heaped half teaspoon – could this have been too little as I got a nice steady stream of bubbles but this died down within 2 days? Hey Tom if the bubbles started cranking then I’d guess that the yeast finished digesting all the sugar.

The yeast coopers use, will that also brew in the fridge? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They’ll do the job.

If higher, keep fermenting. Often times, apple producers (who will often make their own brand of cider) will blend different apples together to get the right combination. Hey Petrus, chuck a bit more sugar in the brew at the carbonation stage and allow it to carbonate with the lid tight at room temperature for longer – maybe a week or so depending on your climate. I think I was a bit conservative with worrying about people getting upset if the bottle exploded. September 30, 2014 at 10:58 am. If you find your cider is not fizzy enough you put it in the fridge too early or didn’t put in enough sugar.

(Deep breath) – However, if you want a slightly different taste you can use a larger yeast. Any sugar. If it starts smelling like poo then it’s probably infected and needs to be chucked out. Skip this section to avoid boredom.******. Screw that. Even if you don’t like apple cider, it’s time to hit the government’s sleazy revenue raising tactics with some non-violent but possibly disorderly cider brewing protest.

Thanks for this, you’re helping teens everywhere! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We’ll take our 4WD to Tasmania one day. You’ve got to this stage with nothing except a bottle of juice, yeast and maybe a teaspoon. Ginger beer ay, I’ve gotta try making that stuff, it’s pretty easy from what I’ve seen. Heya DB i dunno how long it lasts, I’ve always finished it within a couple of weeks. Mango and catfish for bait. Not really an issue for a quiet drink after work so I’ll probably do the same again.

Doing shit yourself the old way is fun and satisfying and good for the environment and good for your wallet. It was autumn so the temperature would have been in the 20’s C (70 F back then) It could also start smelling like poo if the yeast goes out of whack – for example if it’s too hot or starved of sugar. The bottle is your fermentation vessel. I have used opera house nets in NT but have only ever caught cherabin. That’s too much hard work for me. Not sure if it was because I drank too much without a proper feed or if it was related to my brewing but I didn’t actually get sick or anything so I’m giving it another shot now. Coopers Red is an Ale yeast and its activity will drop once you get below 16 degrees. Place the lid upside down on a clean surface.

I’m going to leave the other for a few more days. Using the ratio we calculated above, 306 grams of sugar will produce 156 grams of ethanol. I recently had an experience with a investment property that cost me more than it should partly due to corona. Heya Harry I have no experience with cold weather cider production. I’ll try making it one day. Drinking is not a very accurate indicator, so I summoned my high school chemistry knowledge to help calculate the alcohol content. Don’t wait until there’s completely no bubbles. im not sure of the exact temp in my shed but im guessing maybe 22. they never bubbled a great deal but they started slowing down today. Some of the sugar remains unfermented. (Feeling tipsy right now after only one glass of each). – Yeast activity is proportional to temperature. – Allow the yeast to completely exhaust the sugar reserves in the juice. On Mythbusters they tested plastic bottles to rupture point up to 150psi, which is pretty high considering car tyres usually run around 30psi.

To compare, a typical carton of beer worth $50 for 24 x 330ml bottles is 7.92 liters or $6.31 per liter. I’ll try this method, then borrow his hydrometer and tell you what the alcahol content is.

No only my fault will try and revise my hygiene. Thank you so much for this awesome post! If you get a chance give long life juice a try, the risks are much less extreme. It probably got infected. Allow it to brew in this way in the order of a day up to several days depending on temperature. i also have just tried a candy ginger beer using dried candied ginger. You just need a few simple pieces of equipment to turn a wealth of unwanted apples into their ultimate form – glorious cider. So brewing your own apple cider offers you around about an 82% saving over commercial beer. ******WARNING: Chemistry and maths below. (not Y20H compliant) If you add lactose (available from brewing shops for about $12 kg), it sweetens but does not ferment. It doesn’t matter. He gathered apples didn’t wash them,crushed with a horse driven cider mill,just washed with water. Step 1: Collecting Your Apples. Special breeds can tolerate around 18% or so. You can reduce alcohol content by terminating the fermentation early. No long waiting time. Hi Lindsay there’s enough sugar in the juice already but you need to add a bit of sugar at the end of the fermentation to carbonate it.

If you kept any it might be worth trying to ferment a litre or two just to see what happens. Where abouts are you now? I’ve made some pretty funky smelling brews in summer. – Start off with an unopened, new, sterile 3L bottle of apple juice. Wash the outside of the oranges thoroughly, minimize handling, ensure the equipment is sterile, get it into the fermentation vessel straight away. I have been doing some 5 litre test brews. Apple Cider Hot Toddy Alcohol Drinks. Place apples in a large stockpot and add enough water cover by at least 2 inches. I really don’t know. Even allowing for the cost of these it will still be far cheaper than buying cider. Hey, do you think if time isn’t an issue that 15 degrees is the optimal temperature or is 20 a safer bet to make sure it actually ferments? Watch the yeast grow strong.

NOT! This recipe is based on 2 or 3 liters of cider – your typical heat treated long life juice from the supermarket. Ha dam what did you do with the juice? Taking your first ever brew to lube up a wedding is pretty enthusiastic. Drink responsibly! The tiny hole will allow carbon dioxide to escape whilst keeping the air space inside the fermentation vessel at positive pressure so that dirty outside air cannot enter.

For instance 10 lbs Red Delicious to 20 Lbs Granny Smith will yield a nice, dry cider, while 10 lbs Macintosh and 20 lbs Cortland will be a much sweeter mix. The final portion of the fermentation process will be done with a sealed vessel so that the carbon dioxide produced will go into solution with the cider and form an effervescent drink. I’d feel pretty crap too, provided I didn’t die! Through trial and error and experience you can gauge it, but it’s much easier to use the fixed reference of terminating the fermentation upon exhaustion of sugar. Infection is a risk if doing it with stuff that isn’t processed and heat treated. I think that Coopers do sell a larger yeast (Pilsner yeast is the same stuff) but you would have to ask in a brewing shop. i suppose i’ll find out soon. Just chuck in a small amount of yeast straight in.

We followed your instructions from then on, and this afternoon our first hesitant sip proved extremely fruitful!

Don’t open the lid. Carefully measuring the required yeast dosage – one teaspoon. – When yeast digests sugar it produces carbon dioxide and alcohol. I think it’s worth a try even at the huge expense you indicate. Usually this means using a “fermentation lock” – a special fancy piece of equipment that can cost up to several tens of dollars. Your sugar photo’s caption (ie “If the packaging says sugar then it’s good to go”) is misleading: I used “sugar soap” into my hard apple cider mix and now I have a sudsy, foamy tang to the drink. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Since the vessel is sealed the gas gets trapped. I ended up with 30kg of jonathons, and 10kg of fuji, (i think they were the varieties). Brown, white, raw, cooked. Hello Joe – only just had the cursory couple of sniffs and maybe a lick of the devils fluid and that’s it, down the old Meeper went for a couple o’days. I’m pretty macho so I can handle it. Apple Cider is the bomb digity as is Pear. I could not determine whether there was extra effervescence as my eyes were swollen closed, and my mouth lost the sense of touch. Once I have decided on the right amount, its 24 litres in the fermenter and we are in mass production. – Put the lid on, invert a few times and shake gently to dissolve the sugar. So 15 degrees did the job? Once in a while I have been known to throw in a cinnamon stick or clove, which I find is a nice Christmassy addition.

Would be awesome if it works, good luck. How did your ciders go? Love the cider, the only problem is that the toilet is my best friend.

Its enough to share it around and get opinions. It also allows us a lot of room to vigorously stir every day to introduce wild yeasts from the air into our fresh raw cider. I’ve seen it down and there was no mentioning of needing to boil but a substance was added to kill bacteria, etc from memory. Somewhere dark, or at least not directly in front of a window. Is the smell and flavour of your brew ok? Most of the cloudiness will remain in the fermentation vessel. I am in Perth, back in the rat race for the time being so only doing the occasional mission out of Perth for now. So going to try this. All images and content You can make this less so by adding calcium carbonate (aka precipitated chalk). No meticulous cleaning of dozens of vessels. – Find a spot to let your cider brew. Thanks garry. Fermenter ay. I’m back home from the east kimberlies now. I used a regular party balloon for the airlock (just rinse it out first) It was fantastic; it was completely clear, beautifully fizzy and we are still here to tell the tale so it can’t be too poisonous! Hey Lisa yeah the carbonation drops are just sugar. Rinse it 20 times. I happen to have 2 trees filled with apples, so I will try this by using a blender and strain to create the juice.