Add water to the blueberry juice concentrate. Making your own blueberry juice concentrate creates fresher-tasting results than store-purchased versions offer by heating and mashing fresh blueberries. (The other option is of course to buy blueberry juice in concentrated form if you want to avoid making it yourself.) . Generally, a mixture of 3 to 4 parts water to 1 part concentrated juice renders a beverage that is of a clear, thin consistency. It will be more practical, time-saving, and cheaper to make homemade blueberry juice in concentrated form, freeze it, and drink it whenever you like. Add less water for a thicker, smoothie-like drink and more potent blueberry flavor or more liquid for a flavored-water type beverage. How to make your own Blueberry Juice: Blueberry juice can be hard to find and expensive to purchase. Finishing with fresh-squeezed lemon juice adds a touch … How to Make Blueberry Juice. Make your own blueberry juice using this simple recipe. Store-bought juice concentrates often contain artificial sweeteners, but you can use sugar, honey, agave syrup or even other fruit juices to naturally sweeten homemade concentrates. A quart of blueberries will make 3 1/2 cups (about) of blueberry juice concentrate.