They realize that their time with their ex-partner wasn’t that bad and that they are now missing out on the happiness that the dumpee has created for herself. I used to think that for a long time. I wish that I could help, but I have too much to say to type it all out and not enough hands to type or hours in the day. When dumpees improve as people and progress in life, dumpers notice that they’d let go of someone successful. This is NOT because he’s missing you in the way that you deserve and want him to.


I have just cut some of this text and pinned it up to keep reminding myself of the content!

You may have a long way to go, but just remember, you’re not alone Ellie. All my love to you. When you become a person of high value, you can without reasoning, crying, begging, and pleading show to your ex that you have the potential to be a reliable partner. He or she will see that your job is not just about you and the money, but that it’s actually about serving others.

I know you don’t feel like “missing out on you,” is that big of a deal and that you’ve made enough mistakes in the relationship for him to want to move on immediately and forget you, but guess what? Because he’s feeling a loss of control, he will reach out. If you want to make him regret losing you, the best thing you can do is give him time and wait. It is hard though because whenever I receive a text I secretly wish it was him realizing that he misses me.

Making your ex regret leaving you doesn’t work that way.

So I dated a guy for a little bit, he didn’t want to put labels and I agreed to that bc I was secretly hoping he would change but he did not.

For whatever reason, you weren’t meeting your ex’s needs, so you now need to show your ex that you can make him happy. Don’t initiate contact anymore. He’s angry with me for contacting the girl, he told me he wants nothing to do with me anymore and living together with her having a beautiful family. He seems to think he has done nothing wrong and I’m starting to doubt that I am justified for being so upset by this. Sign up to receive exclusive content, updates + more. I’m not going to just add him back on social media and pretend everything’s ok. Do you think he will reach out at some point ? Maybe he is a narcissist and wants to manipulate you by posting pictures.

All my love to you – thank you for being a part of this tribe.

I haven’t contacted him for two weeks since he said that. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Erin!

He will most likely panic because these guys are all about being in the driver’s seat. I’m like nice most of the time and then I’d erupt and then go back to my baseline. (I also will admit that the stage I’m at — 3 months post-dump, but only 73 days NC, and nowhere near ready to date anybody new — is that I still would be likely reunite with him if he had a change of heart, so… Hm. No other person will come close to you if you pity yourself. My Ex Is Rubbing A New Relationship In My Face. Maybe if you cut him off, he will miss you or if you leave him alone, he’ll come back but you don’t know. I’m young and not very experienced and didn’t really know what to do so I just ignored it or tried to just think of it as harmless.

I didn’t change the way I looked, or didn’t change my hairstyle, I loved him a lot and couldn’t think about losing him. However the last few days I haven’t been obsessing about it as much and hanging out with family and friends and working, basically rediscovering myself. We own something together and it’s not simple for me to just not want to be a part of what we have together but Im doing the best I can in hopes that if he feels Im not contacting him daily, Im not professing any more love in texts, that I act more secure that he may just regret losing the one he always said was ” the one”. Thanks babe xx.

I am a girl that goes “all in” when in love.