They don’t leave the taste of weed in your mouth and have a great consistency. Would not buy these again. And the price is right. It’s great, I was a first time buyer and got three bags! I found these to be quite weak. Other reviews mention the dosage being inconsistent or not working for them, but I’ve worked my way through a few bags and I’ve never had one that I felt was weaker or stronger. And i have to say, they are very good for insomnia, wow! You get many flavours and the quantity is one of the best bang for your buck!! I don’t have a super high tolerance so these squares work perfectly for me! The next day I tried again. That’s 40mgs… to get just a small buzz.

I didnt feel high…Just a little tired. Wouldn’t recommend for a solid high, but I find that 1 every few hours seems to help with irritability/stress during the day.

They work. i love that you each square is only 10mg so you can control your dosage. Or you can eat the entire bag at once, like I did, and spend $11 to take a LOOOONG and refreshing nap These convince size. I completely forgot I had taken the Mota squares.

i really liked these! 125ml Jar 400 mg THC / 47.34mg per tbsp / 15.77mg per tsp THC Coconut Oil Ingredients: Organic cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil & solvent free THC distillate. The hard candy mota i take one and im ok but those one never again, Very dissapponted no effect at all also my friend took 3 and felt nothing … gave 1 star for the amazing taste but that’s the only good point for me, These gummies were a big disappointment. Perfect buzz at low doses,leaves me really clear-headed and functional while still feeling really nice and medicated.This is sorta my first time trying edibles, and I gotta say I really like the high!a different experience,feels more therapeutic.. “Although these have the most cannabis flavour out of all the candy options, to me. Dosage to size ratio is great. Would buy again, but prefer other methods, Love all the Mota brand edibles but these are the best bang for your buck and easy to share and dose in specific quantities. 2-3 gummies seems to be our regular dosing. After reading a few review on these, i decided I started off with 2 gummies (20mg), just to be safe. If you pop two of these you are set and in for a nice light buzz. Despite other reviews i found they had a nice fruity taste and the high was fantastic! Each square contains 20mg CBD. © 2020 - Canada's original Online Dispensary, Premier Line (Skookum Cannabis) - Mocha Mint, Gummies (CBDMove) – Medicated Mint Gummies. Taste great, reasonable single serving size, beautiful resealable packaging. Always good with Mota chocolates but I only got 10 gummies in my bag Booooo. If you like edibles, be sure to try these! I think the price is really good for the amount of gummies and the taste is really good too. So yeah, you could say I’m a fan and will definitely be buying more. Doesn’t taste like weed at all..doesn’t feel like weed either. Price is right. Great for the first timer. Good texture aswell. These are the best value edible for me. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Absolutely delicious, I actually had to hide them from myself because they were so good.

The 15mg dosing is perfect for the day time and a double order will more than suffice for the evening/sleeping. By far the best bang for your buck on this site. My tolerance isn’t even very high. The flavours are fantastic – This tastes as good or better than any other gummie (medicated and non) and that I have ever had. 5 stars for price and amount, By far one of the best tasting edibles candies I have tried. Great place to start. Tried these as my first edible containing thc, didn’t feel much at 1 gummy.

MOTA CBD Sour Squares are a fresh new take on MOTA’s classic Sour Squares, but now infused with all the benefits and goodness of CBD! 420buddy101 Perfect amount and the taste is so good.

So good and you couldn’t even tell it’s an edible! Perfect option for treating insomnia, … Unfortunately I have an abnormally high edible tolerance so I didn’t get high… But they worked wonders for my partner. I have been ordering these for years and they never fail. Love that its in smaller doses so that you can take one as the others start to wear off. These are by far my most favorite edibles. Tastes ok, pretty strong tbh, but the affects are good. I’ll stick with the jellies next time, they are much better in my opinion. (verified owner) – August 28, 2019. 150MG THC per Bag / 75MG THC per Cookie Contains: 2 Cookies Type: Hybrid *Contains Wheat, Soy and may contain peanuts or other nut products Please enjoy within 2 weeks…. Yummy! Awesome price, I would recommend these edibles to anyone. Great anytime of the day. I’d have to take 2-4 pieces to feel anything and even then, it wasn’t really a body high and I’d just get tired. I found that the buzz actually left me irritable instead of calm and happy – and found that it did not last as long as most edibles. Bold colours and burst of flavours. Each square contains 20mg CBD.
Not super potent, great for easy going consumers that don’t want to go into zombie mode that fast. Two of these will give me a nice buzz. Relaxed and in control. No complaints. PeterPan I enjoyed these during the evening as I wasnt sure what to expect. They’ve became super inconsistent as of late. I purchased 3 bags of these, thinking that I’d have lots of fun.
Although i can enjoy these at anytime of the day, I usually have one about 45 minutes before I go to sleep which really helps me fall asleep. I think these were worth a try but I doubt I would re order.

These are quite tasty! I love edibles but you need to know how many how many would get you too high. I took 2 more. Anyone with a high tolerance would have to eat the whole bag, not my favourite edible but still very good. 150mg THC These tasty sour squares, made with cannabis oil, contain 20 mg of CBD in each square. Great taste and good buzz when you have a few. The texture’s not bad, they can get a little stuck in my teeth but that’s partially because I keep them cold in a fridge. 170mg THC Please enjoy within 2 weeks of receiving. I love this juicy square candies. Great flavours and nice and soft. Please enjoy within 2 weeks of receiving.

Great edible for new users, easy to measure your amount, good price. Best bang for your buck, ~10mg/ square makes it easy to measure how toasty you’d like to get. Get 15% off Flower (excluding Big Deal) automatically in your cart. 3 hours later I open my phone and see my timer running. Will buy these again. Flavours are great…. I found that these had very little affect on me, I usually get the twisted extracts caramels, or the coconut oil, same dose but better experience. Great taste and great high!

They also have a great taste! The potency is a little weak compared to other brands. The blue raspberry squares are especially delicious. Will repurchase, but not my favorite. Too tasty.

I was still high in the morning, Ohh yeah these taste amazing ,buzz is A++ love these highly suggest buying. I will start off my saying that I have tried these before, my sister had purchased them.

I like the flavors of it as well and get a nice buzz from them. The different colour square are truly , amazing help with the pain! And $11 for 150 mg you cant beat that! Loved this one. Nice little buzz! Tasty. Also it only takes 2-3 for a good uplifting energetic high. I’ll go with something more potent next time. If you are looking for a good product this one is for you. Will buy again, but only to go with a more potent edible. The high is nice! Copyright © 2020 Kootenay Botanicals. I like them for a bit of help sleeping or to just feel a little, little, tiny bit high for several hours during the day. Gummies are tasty! Home Run with these BM! Just wonderful tasting lil sour cubes that pack a punch with flavor and a nice high! Very tasty however and hard to notice any weed taste. One issue I have with these is they always taste So Good!! I can dose as much or as little as I want, and they taste amazing! Thanks BM, Some of the best tasting edibles – very potent as well. Each candle is supposed to have 10mgs of THC and I have to take as many as 4 to feel even the slightest buzz. I eat a couple at a time throughout my evening and maintain a nice pleasant buzz. Get timely updates from your favorite products. Plus they are great gifts! I suppose it’s not a problem because you can enjoy more of them, but I have always felt that despite the 10mg dosage, they seem to be lighter than that. I set a timer and went about my night. The watermelon one is the BEST!!!!! I’ll stick to the Mota cube or THC tincture. Can taste a little bit of weed flavor, but some flavors cover up the weed taste more. Packs a nice stone and all the individual flavours are a great bonus! They taste good & look like fun. They are a great deal for what they are. A great way to stay moderately buzzed all day long and to regulate how much of a buzz I want to have. Love these, great Valu for the mg you get taste is great too. I gave some to a lightweight friend and he was couchlocked though. Shared with a friend, she enjoyed the sour squares. Recommend BAKED EDIBLES instead. A excellent, easy to dose option for treating insomnia, pain, and to ease stress and anxiety away.

This is hands down my go to when it comes to edibles! Sour Squares contain 150mg THC in the whole package. The many different flavours in one package is a bonus!! If I’m home for the night, or day, and have any aches or pains, I take them like you would a Tylenol. 150mg THC 3 … Each bag contains 15 assorted gummies covered in an insatiable sour sugar.These tasty little treats make medicating easier and tastier than ever and they’re great for helping ease away stress and anxiety. The effects are great – I find they make me more sleepy than stimulated. which should get me blasted out of my mind.

Definitely my favs I always get 3 or 4 bags with every order I place! Fast forward to yesterday, I decided to try them out again. Contains: 15 Pieces, 150mg THC per Package – 10mg THC per Piece, Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Water, Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Cannabis, Artificial Colour, Insomnia | Depression | Pain | Anxiety | Stress | Nausea | Relaxed | Euphoric, Joedogger

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Perfect option for treating insomnia, pain, or to kick your stress or anxiety for the day. 2/3 to deliver a great buzz. The 10mg per piece is awesome and you get 30 mg more for the same price as other mota products, although no CBD’s. A password will be sent to your email address. Thanks BM! Best deal out of all the edibles. These are a good bang for your buck- having tried almost ALL available candies from this site- these are good – it takes a few of them for a seasoned stoner like me – but sure to do the trick. Just not potent enough. Plus I was surprised how strong the cannabis taste was for not being that potent . Taste is not too bad quite enjoyable sugar cubes but little to no potency at all. Super tasty and a good value. They are perfect for bed-time , These are a must have for people starting out with edibles. I don’t know if I have a bad bag but would not recommend and will not go with this brand anymore. I find 100 mg to be a good spot to hit, but other edibles sometimes only come to 80 mg. I was a little disappointed compared to the other reviews on here they were very mild for me. Taste is great – different flavors, easy dosage. Do not operate heavy machinery after consuming. The flavour is nice, they have a hint of weed taste but I prefer it like that. NADA. I also ordered MOTA BLACK. It gave a nice all over effect and lasted for quite some time. Whereas 15mgs of BAKED EDIBLES gets me nice and high for a few hours. My favourite thing and the reason why I give them 5 stars is because for $11 you get 150 mg of thc that are measured in 10 mg doses-it’s perfect for the beginner or advanced users. Each square contains 10mg THC. I waited about 2 hours and felt no effect. Just wasn’t strong enough for me. The fruity flavours are great and I was able to sleep and still felt clear in the morning.