Anchor Allen Martin pointed out that the skies provided “Nature’s sepia tone filter” in a picture from the station lobby.

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by: KHON2 Web Staff.

Look at the orange/yellow glow in the sky over part of Sonoma County, CA Monday as smoke from the Glass Fire impacts the area., — Hey Red (@thisisendlesss) September 9, 2020, In a photo posted on Facebook, Janice Weber was one of the few who was actually able to make out the sun Wednesday afternoon in Santa Rosa. KPIX asked viewers to tag the station on social media with their own photos and many responded. Transcript for Fire and smoke creates orange haze in Colorado sky This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. As a result, residents of Salem and San Francisco are experiencing eerie orange-red skies. #KPIX, — Larry Laks (@LaksLarry) September 10, 2020. You’ve run out of free articles. In Washington, where I live, the skies are hazy but mostly blue. Photos: Smoke-Darkened Sky Creates Eerie Glow Over Bay Area. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Nature’s sepia tone filter.. No iPhone editing!! And you'll never see this message again. It led to thousands of social media posts comparing the scenes to a vision of Mars or the post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, Blade Runner. is a partnership of Smoke particles allow sunlight's longer wavelength colours - such as red and orange - to filter through but block shorter wavelength colours of yellow, blue and green, according to NASA. People across the West woke up Wednesday to an eerie orange glow in the sky as dozens of wildfires continue to burn. — Drew Tuma (@DrewTumaABC7) September 9, 2020 The smoke is also what’s to blame for that creepy red glow. #Firemageddon #Bladerunner2020 #KPIX, — Cat Taylor (@catnfidl) September 9, 2020.

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