Please note: Top Class Actions is not a settlement I drink them daily, and not going to argue over 2 less

30 days? For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. Get a life people!!!!!!!! I still faithfully drink them twice a day. How do apply for this lawsuit?

No wonder companies up and leave the US.

Who keeps receipts for that.

I have purchased several times from Costco, I buy these as well not only for myself but for my autistic son. This is by far the best protein drink around, why hurt someone for 2 or 3 g, Everyone is to lawsuit happy. Please add me to this, product used for exercise regimen.

these are the best shakes on the shelf. I’ve bought these but don’t have the proof of purchase. Would you prefer disgusting muscle milk instead? I have boxes and proof.

Please add my name to this lawsuit. That’s so misleading. add me i used to drink these when i was pregnant and couldn’t hold food down. But why do they have to claim it to be 30 if not? I have bought 40 cases of that protein drink hoping that it was 30 g of protein.

Our bars are sweetened with stevia leaf extract and sugar, and thus contain no artificial sweeteners. Placeholders.enable(); Please add me to the list. My son and I have been drinking premier protein shakes for 4 years along with our regular diet for a protein supplement Please add us, This product was recommended 5 years ago when I had bariatric surgery. 20g Protein 1g Sugar Gluten Free 12g Protein 6-7g Fiber 4g Sugar Take on cravings with protein that’s easy to love—and so easy to pack! Healthy living and authentic passion.

But don’t defend them for lying. I use the Carmel ones in my coffee. Certainly, if you want to feel outraged, that is your right. I also drank 2 a day alone with a protein bar. I have been a user of this product for five years. Please add me. My husband and I have consumed at least 1 premier shake daily for the last 6-7 years as part of our medical diet. I drink at least one a day and have for many years. You’re exactly the kind of person these companies love. They are delicious with a cup of coffee or hot tea. I drank 3 a day for a while then after april one a day. My husband and I only use these shakes and the tune to 2 cases a week..for the last 6 years. Now THAT would be a reason to sue.

Can’t believe they can’t accurately represent the protein content! Very disappointed. I purchase them at 4 cases a month and what they need to also do is send us coupons for $2 or more for misleading us and knowing it. This is a stupid lawsuit!

Been eating these three times a week for 9 months now. My granddaughter buys them for me @ Sams club and I give her cash. Please add me I have ordered at least 10 or more cases a year, for the last 2 years, Please add me.

I have purchased probably 15 cases of these product. I do like them but did count on them for the protein because as I a diabetic I count my protein, carbs and sugar. My body blew up like I had to much sodium. Please add me.

The plaintiffs also sought conditional certification of their Class of consumers who had purchased protein shakes from the company.

I have been drinking the pre-made shake for the past year and it has helped me in my weightloss journey. Those who received check, please write for how long it is good for ? I drink protein drinks for years I had bariatric surgery I need extra protein. Sometimes it is hard to get the different flavors that I really like, so I go online to find them in my area (LOL). Just an ambulance chaser looking for free money over a few grams of missing protein. When you need a snack, a 12g Crunchy Nut Bar is the perfect pick-me-up. Today, I have at least six 4 packs in my home. There’s nothing to this suit.

:/, I called the company and you will be able to get the flavored protein shakes on 3/32/2019. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! Premier Protein bars contain a combination of whey protein and soy protein, to sustain energy for a longer period of time. Thank you! ago and will continue…they taste better than most and I don’t believe they were cheating on the protein content deliberately to bilk the public….and it’s still pretty close to the 30 grams stated and is more than most…..and it will still give me the protein that I’m required daily….along with the food that I eat. Please add me to the Premier Protein shake lawsuit. Fan Love. Add me to the list. I use at least one protein drink for extra nutrition. I have never had any problems, I have severe food allergies and this is the only protein shake I can drink and if you are trying to lose weight, they work! I have had gastric bypass surgery which requires me to consume 60 grams of protein daily. My doctor recommended these for me.

Of use Premier protein daily since my surgery in August 2017 very disappointed to learn that I’ve been short changed. Include me I just purchased some from Costco.

Never have I seen so many people scrambling for $40 in my life.

  • Thank you. The shakes were medically necessary for me and I’ve been taking them every day since my weightloss surgery (11/21/16-present), Use both powerbars and live on Premier Protein drinks. It’s amazing how manufacturers mislead us with advertising and charge us for not having all the ingredients were required..

    How do I make a claim been drinking them for years.

    Have been drinking one a day since may 2016. Plus we eat the Bars as well.

    • Please add me to this class action against PREMIER NUTRITION CORPORATION PROTEIN SHAKES case 1:17-cv-05987 . I would never want my name added.

      Really good variety. We purchase at least 4 cases per Month. I am a post bariatric patient and drank a lot of this right after my surgery. Premier protein shakes are 5he only shakes that doesn’t have any nasty after taste.

      Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Just get it back on the market. However I do believe in all products being labeled correctly. We love them but are disappointed that we weren’t getting the 30 grams of Protein that we thought we were☹️. UPDATE 2: On Jan. 17, 2019, The Premier Protein Ready-To-Drink Shake Class Action Settlement was, UPDATE 3: On March 29, 2019, Top Class Actions viewers started receiving. Premier Shakers.

      Please add me as I have been drinking these as well! I drink 2 a day and still get way over my daily requirement from weight doc when I add the food I eat. How do we make a claim? This is an “ambulance chasing” kind of law suit. Now if there was something in it to make me grow another arm or cause great injury to me. This flavorful power-packed protein bar is packaged in an assortment of flavors. It was really bad twice.

    Enjoy your favorite flavor of Premier Protein shake and customize with any fruits and beverages. How do you sign up for the lawsuit? I had weight loss surgery and these shakes are what I have lived on for about 2 years now. Seriously. Please include me.