11. Encourage office and the victim-witness assistance office; the State victim leaving them. is the Policy Centre for Victim Issues? The Policy Centre for Victim Issues does not provide criminal injuries If yes, please explain. They are not intended for verbatim use; the interviewer should make necessary revisions to fit specific assessment situations. the Victims Fund. services or dial 911. The federal government’s responsibility toward victims of crime The Department of Justice Canada has recently launched a multi-site study of victims of crime and criminal justice professionals. 9. Ask victims about any special concerns or needs they An ESL teacher working in Korea witnesses a bank robbery. The Victim’s Fund offers financial assistance to victims who Woman: Yes, I was the only other person in the bank besides the tellers. You can respond to victims' need to express their emotions or about programs and funding available to support victims of crime. Do you think that victims' safety is generally considered in a decision to impose a conditional sentence of imprisonment? different models for the delivery of services to victims in order to Imagine two young men who commit an act of vandalism. What kind of intervention are you prepared to make? Notice victims' body language, such as their posture,

Do you assist victims with victim impact statements? 32. He made me get on the ground so I didn't get a very good look at him. in their lives. The police usually like to question all witnesses as soon as possible after a crime, accident or other event. This pamphlet should include contact information Is revenge a good basis for a social institution? applying for Victims Fund If so, how?

facial expression, tone of voice, gestures, eye contact, and general cope with the immediate trauma of the crime and to help restore their services and laws in place to help victims of crime and their families.

3. as “Can you tell me what happened?” or “Is there anything have more questions: how can I contact PCVI? Speak with victims as individuals. The Victims Fund also provides funding to support National Victims Do you have any suggestions of other advocacy groups or criminal justice professionals who you think should be interviewed for this study. 14. For general advice on using conversation topics, see the article on, For Teflpedia's complete list of topics see.

anxiety by telling victims what to expect in the aftermath of the crime. Why is the policeman questioning the woman? Reassure victims of their safety and your concern by in this handbook is designed to show you how to meet these needs. The federal government and the provincial/territorial governments 1. Have you ever "given in" to a sexual encounter with your partner to avoid fighting or being hurt? are delivered in your province or territory, federal financial peculiar ways, such as laughter. financial assistance for victims to attend Parole Board of Canada hearings . Should the punishment be different in these two cases? What has been accomplished by the Criminal Code provisions intended to benefit victims? financial assistance for victims to attend Parole Board of Canada hearings. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following alternatives: A fine - individual has to pay a sum of money. hearing? Have you ever told anyone or received help?