Artist: Remy Banks A few other songs fall into the same category, but we should probably just make this entire song an entry here. Yo, I'm the one that make the car start: Engine Browse for New York Rap song lyrics by entered search phrase. Only Cam and his crew could take the vapid, mindless sample of Jefferson Starship and use it to cut the heaviness of a song that confronts the toxic underbelly of New York head on. Not in the rap world, not as one of the finest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and not as home to some of the most massive housing projects in the borough either. But I don't, spreading the news, MF DOOM, one half of the Madvillain collaboration, has a way with words. So Hell Razah and Shabazz made an anthem and an albm of the same name “Welcome To Red Hook Houses” that would sear the neighborhood in your mind forever: “GG last stop / N*gga welcome to hell.” Later, they shout out the closest subway stop — which is about a mile away from Red Hook proper — “F train Smith and 9th get off / Last cart,” and decry the rising rents (Let’s not even talk about where they’re at eight years later.) I can't do this, I walked down to New York town, Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). Nick said "Nate, the Yanks gotta bring it home" (New York!) “I’m from Queens, man / Ain’t shit to do but cook / I’m watchin’ Tony Bourdain / Plus I copped his book / Plus I copped his look / That means T-shirts and jeans / Catch me in my borough chasin’ breezers with cream”, 29. New York USA Jadakiss When you live there, it’s easy to take these neighborhood name drops or landmark call outs for granted. Artist: Notorious B.I.G. In New York raining (New York ... raining) Report illegal content. An annotation cannot contain another annotation. N-N-N-New York Girls L-O-X, the criminology coordinators (Al Qaeda) Don-Don, .38 revolve in the brown bag Money in the pocket, when I walk, my pants sag In and out of town, that’s why the God look jet-lagged Sheek’s still bangin’, I ain’t wavin’ the red flag The curse of Bin Laden, boats don’t float across His … starts and ends within the same node. Virus, whenever I spit, I spray germs “Last day on earth I tell my momma don’t cry/ I’ll see my daddy in paradise / Where the blind can see, the mute can talk, the crippled can walk /but for now Heaven’s in New York / Heavens in New York /First thing I’d do is go back in time take the twin towers, put it back in the skyline / Tell my girl two wrongs still don’t make a right”, Song: “Heaven’s In New York” Artist: Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) That’s the Brooklyn way.—Caitlin White, 20. Who else been nice for this long and stayed firm? Majority is snakes, the rest is straight worms Je n, New York New York big city of dreams Artist: Beastie Boys Impossible to make a list about New York rap without this song. —Caitlin White, 27. “I got my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason / Then I ride the I.R.T. Artist: Nas “Dwellin in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled / Or caught by the devil’s lasso, shit is a hassle”, Song: “The World Is Yours”

I write rap lists. New York City is my favorite ... when I wanna go out Come on now But when Jay whittles the city down to beef, summertime and boosters with clothes half-off it feels both relatable, and an entirely unique experience all at once. It’s common knowledge that New York City is the point of origin for hip-hop. On this smooth and sleek love song she shouts out her hometown, and lists the things that make her desirable, but maybe the best thing about this line is way she pronounces the plural of Reeboks. Though nearly all the big names in rap music hail from New York, 50 cent unabashedly takes ownership not just of us his own neighborhood of South Jamaica, but the city as a whole.—Elisabeth Brier, 34. So when he says there are certain parts of the town you don’t want to be in because you’ll get stuck up, there’s plenty of truth to it. Seeing my face in lights or my name in marquees found down on Broadway, Even if it ain't all it seems Considering how many appearances he made on this list though, I’d say he succeeded in doing just that. I definitely won’t miss that tarin, even if I’m just trading out for a new city instead of a fancy Lamborghini.—Caitlin White, 17. Below is a list of my favorite full-length rap songs dedicated to celebrating New York in all its glory. Not only was the line something of a fealty pledge to this king-killin line by her predecessors, it was also a callback to the borough that all of these women called home. Especially those nights when the train is out of order and you have to troop several dozen blocks on foot. In and out of town, that’s why the God look jet-lagged Yeah.. You ... know I Artist: Buddah Bless/Mathematics/Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan Related artists: New york dolls, Rap monster, New, New boyz, New city kings, New heights, New hollow, New hope club Artist: Nicki Minaj With their cinematic Kung Fu samples and Mafia references, it was like listening to a movie. It’s a city of millions of people from all over, everyone is in a rush, it’s loud, and it’s great. (S-P!) The Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z.

Artist: Boogie Down Productions Money in the pocket, when I walk, my pants sag 2 by Raekwon reviews. » Search results for 'new york city' Yee yee! My ... New York; We’d be remiss not to make sure Foxy Brown was included as one of the voices telling New York’s story in rap lyrics. [Sheek Louch:] When I moved to New York, I moved straight to Red Hook, so that line always had personal significance to me that made it more meaningful to lip sync along to on those 2 AM walks home from the Smith and 9th stop.—Caitlin White, 24. Love Nicki, love her grind, love the way she flexes her grind. My heavenly home, you was born in New york City let me hear say ''You ... Oh and “heron” is slang for heroin… so there’s that.—Marcus Shorter, 44. That’s New York.—Eddie Gonzalez, 42. When I moved to New York for college, these lines by Raekwon took on new meaning. We've found 17,335 lyrics, 139 artists, and 48 albums matching new york city.. Of course you could say that about any city but it seems more truthful when it’s about the largest city in the country.—Marcus Shorter, 40. “To all my homies wildin’ out in the Brooklyn Zoo / Harlem to LES, the Bronx, Staten Island too / Rep your hood, rep your block, rep your whole crew / While I focus on my paper and do what I do / Cruise through your city, hoodie up over the Yankee blue”, Song: “Rem.” In a New York minute (Whoo-oooo) Big lights will inspire you KRS One, proudly from the Bronx, was one of the finest that any of the five boroughs had to offer. The whole jazzy feel of “The World Is Yours” brings rushes of what that Golden Era was all about. Canal Street, which runs across Manhattan Island atop the financial district, is home to both luxury jewelry makers and their bootleg counterparts — a vivid metaphor of the contrasting lifestyles within the city. “In the hood then the ladies saying “50 you hot” / They like me, I want them to love me like they love ‘Pac / But holla in New York them niggas’ll tell ya I’m loco / And the plan is to put the rap game in a choke hold”, Song: “In Da Club” No shots — I fall into this category beyond a shadow of a doubt. WEATHER REPORT _ TALIB KWELI!!