If it comes out clean they are ready. I'm a mum of two and run www.leapsterrifickids.co.uk My blog will focus on family life, fun and ideas: from recipes to kids books, craft ideas and more. https://meadowbrownbakery.com/red-velvet-cake-recipe-without-buttermilk Sour cream is a possible alternative as it is acidic, but buttermilk has a very low fat content whereas sour cream has a fat content around 15-20% and this can affect the texture of the cupcakes. 4)      In a separate bowl mix your cocoa, food colouring and vanilla together. This is my go-to when I need something to bring to a holiday party, and I even get special requests for this red velvet! Preheat oven to 175 Celsius. Leave the red velvet cakes in the cake tin for about 10 minutes and then remove them from the cake tins and put them on a cooling rack to cool completely. Many red velvet cake recipes, including Nigella's Red Velvet Cupcakes (from Kitchen and also on the Nigella website,) use buttermilk in the batter. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. What can you do if your child does not want to go to school? I always check on them at about 20 and move trays around if necessary to give even cooking. For Nigella's recipe you would need 175ml (3/4 cup) milk and 2 1/4 teaspoons lemon juice. This red velvet cake recipe is moist and it uses oil and natural yoghurt which are the secret to a lovely moist cake. Red Velvet Cupcakes are my all-time favorite dessert, made with buttermilk and sour cream for an unbelievably light and fluffy texture, topped with my homemade cream cheese frosting. This is a recipe for the grown ups (I usually do a batch of vanilla cupcakes with them for the kids). So developed this recipe. This particular recipe used Supercooks liquid food colouring. Asked by moretechno. Besides what buttermilk does to the taste and texture of these red velvet cupcakes, it also helps to activate the baking soda. This is a recipe for the grown ups (I usually do a batch of vanilla cupcakes with them for the kids). If this is not available then you can make a substitute for buttermilk by souring some milk. Something I love to do is bake, both with and without the kids. Pour the vegetable oil into a bowl and add the eggs and mix, Add sugar, plain yoghurt and red food colouring and mix it all together, Add in the vanilla extract, flour and cocoa powder and mix, In a little bowl put the bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice or vinegar. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 6)      Cook for approx. I used a silicone cupcake tray to show how red these cakes look when cooked, however some cakes may stick a little so use paper liners if needed. 2)      Once the cakes have cooled spread the frosting on top. Use a skewer or knife to test if they are cooked, if it comes out clean they’re ready. 60g butter or butter style spread (at room temp or heat in the microwave for a few secs to melt), 110g half fat cream cheese (eg Philadelphia light). Answered on 6th November 2013.