Think before you click! Many email tools will allow access to Office 365 email accounts. In this lesson, it'll head in another direction. Email address changes are not automated and additionally require a ticket using the OIT Service desk icon on the desktop. I really enjoyed the learning experience. See Policy 7-1 for additional information about username and account name changes. We use cookies to help improve this website. Outlook Web App, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook 2013, 2016 or 2019 are the supported software for accessing email from SFCC owned devices. Employees may also use the Phish Alert icon available in Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows and Outlook online to submit phishing email for review. Website, Ayrshire Rivers Trust OIT keeps former employee accounts, mailboxes and network files in their original state for no less than 6 months. When the account expires the departments must complete the request again. Website, West Sutherland Fisheries Trust Further details on the SFCC habitat survey methodology can be found on this page. OIT has applied policies which attempt to block email sent to external email addresses containing: Senders are responsible for the content of their email and should take care to ensure they are sending data and information in accordance with this and all SFCC Policies and Procedures. Requests for changes of email addresses must begin in Human Resources for an employee or the Records Office for a student. Make sure the message is not malicious, by confirming links and email addresses. Students can access Office 365 through the Student Tools drop-down navigation menu at the top of the SFCC website or directly through Office 365. A list of any recoverable items will be shown. Email You'll also learn how to print from Outlook for those rare occasions where you just have to have information on paper. EH10 7DU Avochie Stables, And just in case something comes up where you need immediate help, you'll look at how you can activate Outlook's help systems and get answers in seconds. Bill Mann has written about software for over 15 years. Website, Home Be aware that you may see variations on names attempting to avoid the software and trick people into buying gift cards, install malware, or give away passwords and personal information. Email I am a receptionist, administrative assistant, and tradeshow coordinator. 1 Gibbsyard IFM/SFCC Scale Reading Workshop March 2015, Institute of Fisheries Management Scottish Branch, Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust [, Helmsdale District Salmon Fisheries Board [. All users of SFCC email are expected to check and respond to email regularly. Contractors may occasionally be issued an email account. c/o Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences, These distribution lists include All Staff, All faculty and All Students. Microsoft Outlook 2010 (not included in enrollment). This leads you to two new features of Outlook 2010, Calendar Groups and Schedule View. If messages are delivered to your inbox and you don’t want to see them, right-click on the message and choose Junk- Block Sender. The program consists of both a training campaign and simulated phishing attacks. Students will retain access to their Office 365 email for up to 6 semesters after their last successful course completion. Do they match an expected link? Sutherland KW11 6UB If email is sent over a public network, Wi-Fi, or even an internal network it may be intercepted and read. Mill of Dinnet, Click the Settings icon (round gear) on the top right. In this lesson, you'll learn about the tools Outlook gives you to automatically archive your old items as well as three different tools for finding those items you know are in there somewhere. Website, Nith Catchment Fishery Trust Website, Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Trust Fish Scale Photograph Library - Flickr, 6. If you have a requirement not met by Office 365 encryption, please call the Service Desk at 505-428-1222 or start a Service Request using the OIT Ticket Self Service icon on every employee PC. Students who would like their accounts removed earlier should contact the OIT Service Desk at 505-428-1222. Often at SFCC, these come across as variations of the current president’s   or another executive’s name. About CCS. +44 (0)1576 470600