We are in the investigative stage right now as the scene is stabilized.

And the mistake cost Mr. Ashland his life and it cost Mr. Ashland’s family a father and a grandfather.".

The school was later evacuated. Police say a firearm was recovered on scene. More details will be released as the investigation moves forward.

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First published on December 2, 2019 / 2:52 PM. The suit explains that officers ordered Ashland to put the gun down, and Ashland responded that he did not want to hurt the officers, and then proceeded to lay the gun down. TMJ4 News spoke with Ashland family attorney, Tom Kayes, Thursday, who said that "In this situation a mistake was made.

One of the officers opened fire, striking the teen, Jack said. The armed suspect accused of shooting two police officers early Friday morning in Wisconsin has been captured, police said. Terry Schuster, the public relations director for the Waukesha School District, said she understood it was the school resource officer who shot the student. After shooting the man, officers brought him into the emergency room, but it was too late, and he died at the scene. Police said that they initially responded on Wednesday, April 15, at approximately 1:30 a.m. to Waukesha Memorial Hospital, 725 American Ave., “for a report of a man with a gun in the parking lot.”, BREAKING: Fatal officer-involved shooting at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. All students were safe, school principal Kevin Kitslaar said in a statement released to CBS affiliate WDJT. A Wisconsin police officer shot a student who pointed a gun at officers Monday morning at a suburban Milwaukee high school, police said. We are not seeking anybody else we have no other persons of interest. Police in Waukesha, Wisconsin, shot and killed a man armed with a handgun in the parking lot of ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital near the emergency room, where they say it appeared he had initially gone for “treatment.” They say that he pointed the weapon at officers. The pastor arrived at Ashland's house and persuaded him to come out of his house.

During the dialogue, the suspect’s behavior changed, and he suddenly pointed the gun at officers.

This is an isolated incident. It was there that Ashland refused to enter the facility without the gun, and police soon arrived. Get the latest breaking news delivered straight to your inbox.

Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack told reporters that a student at Waukesha South High School reported that a male student had brought a handgun to a classroom. Stimulus Check Calculators That Help You Figure Out How Much You Will Get.

“The involved officers’ experience ranges from three to twelve years on the Police Department. You can learn more about the Waukesha Police Department here. UPDATE (WKOW) -- A man considered "armed and dangerous" after shooting two police officers in Waukesha County has been arrested, according to … Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

When do states certify their election results? Jack said a school resource officer and members of the Waukesha Police Department responded to the classroom where they attempted to open a dialogue with the student and de-escalate the situation.

The Waukesha police press release describes a tense confrontation outside the emergency room between responding officers and the unidentified man. The initial information that officers had was that the suspect was at the Emergency Room for treatment. Initial information shows that the officers acted within state statutes and department policy, and fulfilled the Mission of the Waukesha Police Department, ‘A Pledge to Serve with Integrity, Honor and Courage.’. Dan Baumann told Heavy. The lawsuit adds that thirteen other officers accompanied Dekarske and Solberg during the incident, and none of them opened fire at Ashland, according to the complaint. Officers immediately provided medical attention to the suspect by bringing the suspect into the Emergency Room.

The family of a man who was shot and killed by police officers at Waukesha Memorial Hospital last spring is suing the city of Waukesha and the …

The lawsuit concludes that because Ashland was "an imminent danger to no one," the use of deadly force against him violated his constitutional rights.

Police did not say what type of treatment the man was seeking. It continued: Officers attempted to de-escalate the situation by engaging in dialogue with the suspect. The student, a 17-year-old male, then pulled a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers, Jack said.

The police shooting unfolded in the early morning hours of April 15, 2020.

Parents gathered outside and hugged students as they streamed out of the school in Waukesha, about 18 miles west of Milwaukee. The release continued: The suspect is deceased. UPDATE (WKOW) -- A man considered "armed and dangerous" after allegedly shooting two police officers in Waukesha County was arrested Friday more than eight hours after the officers were wounded, according to Waukesha County's sheriff. But the adult son of Ashland, Jay C. Ashland, is now suing the city and the two officers in federal court, arguing that Randy Ashland was in fact complying with the officers' orders to drop the weapon when they opened fire. WAUKESHA — The family of a man who was shot and killed by police officers at Waukesha Memorial Hospital last spring is suing the city of Waukesha and the involved police officers, alleging excessive force.

The suit demands that Ashland's family be compensated for the officers' alleged use of excessive force, and a declaration that officers Dekarske and Solberg violated Ashland's constitutional rights. The suit also describes the events leading up to the fatal incident. TMJ4 News has reached out to the city and police department for comment Thursday evening.

The lawsuit further contends that Sergeant Ian Dekarske and Officer Ryan Solberg never received crisis intervention training, which might prepare them for such a situation, according to the lawsuit. The officers then ordered Ashland to "roll away" the gun, but he answered that he could not, with his hands in the air.

Police say a shootout with a domestic assault suspect in Waukesha ended when the man took his own life. Facebook Police have not released the officers’ names, either. It contends that Ashland suffered from pain caused by workplace injuries, and was under further stressed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is a lot going on in the realm of debate over police reform and those issues but I think an important part of that debate is making sure that we find a better way to maintain the health and safety of folks with disabilities and especially mental health issues," Kayes says. Police were called for reports of man with a gun in parking lot, who pointed it at officers. “Given our current environment there will be some delays in getting information out in the public domain as the health and well-being of all is paramount.” He added that “information is still being investigated.”.
The family of a man who was shot and killed by police officers at Waukesha Memorial Hospital last spring is suing the city of Waukesha and the involved police officers, alleging excessive force. He was brought to the emergency room for treatment, and later died from the injuries.

The student wouldn't remove his hands from his pockets and was ignoring officer's commands, Jack said. The officers utilized crisis intervention techniques and repeatedly asked the suspect to drop the gun, but he continued to ignore their requests. The pastor decided to drive to the Waukesha Memorial Hospital to get help. "Ashland had his hand over the top of the gun, holding it by the cylinder, and he was tossing it away. Ashland came out with a handgun, got into the pastor's car and said he was deciding whether or not to shoot himself. December 2, 2019 / 2:52 PM

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