#bae #love” “Aww bb u look so cute in that pic, u should make it ur profile pic” Girl calls her boyfriend “bb” in an online chat.

It’s okay when a boy gives you a few genuine compliments. This can be something that is frustrating to many women. It can make a woman furious and even might make her feel like she is a target to women to use her for their fun. If it was a girl that you hadn’t met before then it would be more likely that she called you babe because she says it naturally. babe, you should do whatever makes sense for your relationship. So many men are using this nickname for their girlfriends and so many are using it as a pick-up line.

Since there are a number of reasons why a girl might call you babe it is important to consider the context of how she said it and the body language that she showed.

On the flip side, it could be used as simply platonic. This would be more likely if she only says it to you and if she has been doing other girlfriend like things with you. Usually, if your S.O. Keep the addressing to the basics. This would be more likely if she also said it to other people and if she showed the same body language around other people as she did around you. Required fields are marked *. This one isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, a slap in the face will straighten him out, but often, you want to steer clear of this type of ego-driven man.

When trying to understand why she calls you babe it would be helpful to consider the type of relationship that you have with her. And, in this case, you can see the name as a compliment and feel flattered by it. Most Common BB Meaning BB stands for babe or baby.
Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Perhaps this was how he grew up, and it’s a habit he’s just not going to kick. This is especially humorous to them when they call a woman that doesn’t like them as baby. This isn’t just when a stranger is calling your baby. You might want to find a name for your boyfriends as well if you don’t have one. Follow your gut on this one, and you’ll do just fine. This is the type of guy that you should be careful of. A lot of times, a guy will use this term because he’s trying to warm you up and pick you up. This would be more likely if she also says it to her other friend’s and she shows the same body language with them as she does with you.

Big Brother. Follow your gut, heart, and your sense, and you’ll figure it out. There are also some innocent reasons why he is calling you baby. "Its use in any form means that you are attracted and proud to be with your partner," Maria says. Open the Session menu and select Use your phone for audio .

If she reacts to you by noticeably changing her body language then it would be more likely that she calls you babe because she likes you assuming that she changes it in a way that shows attraction. You don’t want to be associated with someone that is known as a player. The woman is reacting immediately and the guys are using it to humor themselves.

For some reason, "baby" seems a little more intimate, so, as Maria explains, "Some couples hold off on calling each other baby until in a more private setting." It’s totally disrespectful and downright rude.

Whereas, if she only calls you things like babe and she shows different body language and behavior around you then it would be more likely that she calls you it because she considers you a friend or because she is attracted to you.

This one sounds a little weird, but it’s true. Bb for most people means “baby” as defined by the Urban Dictionary.

When a guy is calling you baby. Chances are, you’re going to call him babe back.

What does it mean someone calls you babe when you're not dating?

Your email address will not be published. When a man is affectionate toward you, he might call you babe to let you know he cares. Of course, though, it's up to you and your partner to determine what makes both of you the most comfortable. I talked to Vice President and Dating Expert of Dating.com, Maria Sullivan and got all the answers about the term and the meaning behind it. Be cautiously wary because this is a strong trait of a certified player, and you don’t want anything to do with this type of gent. Asked him what it meant and he said boo.

The question stuns you for a second.

If your dear male guy is suddenly calling you baby, you need to know that he also finds you attractive and that he might start to be interested to be more than just friends with you. An expert weighs in on the popular term of endearment. What does that really mean? He might even call his mom and aunt babe, total strangers too. Ask him to speak to you using your real name.
All he’s trying to do is loosen you up and get you involved in the conversation. That’s where you need to read into the situation and be the judge. Type above and press Enter to search. If you are from the South, it’s a pretty common thing to have a total stranger call you baby, meaning no harm.

He is just trying to say that he likes you a lot and that he wants you to remember it, every time that he is talking to you. Just makes it a lot easier.

He will introduce himself and ask what your name is. But, the moment that a strange guy calls you baby, then it can be frustrating or even just rude. Follow your gut, and if it’s creeping you out, just keep walking. It’s an insult dressed up as a term of endearment. Bb can also mean Big bro. Most people agree that texting is cold, and the only way to warm it up is to add nice terms of endearment. If she reacts to seeing you by doing things such as: Then it would be more likely that she does like you and that she calls you babe for that reason. Stay away from honey, babe, or love. That being said, if your S.O. For instance, if you are in the bar and a guy is calling you baby, make sure you figure out his intentions sooner than later. Carolyn Twersky is an assistant editor for Seventeen covering celebrities, entertainment, politics, fashion, beauty, and health. In a relationship, when a guy calls you baby, it’s usually flattering.

It's hard to say because everyone uses it for different reasons and in various contexts. If they actually think you are a babe, they just might tell you that! In a serious relationship. That’s exactly what players are interested in when all is said and done.