I advocate gender neutral language, have spent years investigating complaints of workplace injustice and studying fairness. (2017), The State of the Union report addresses key questions about gender inequality in the United States. Sure, it is the individual's responsibility to maneuver his or her way toward what is acceptable. There is also solicitation for readers' input. Rochelle Mazur from Edinburgh on October 19, 2016: Since most men do not urinate sitting down I appreciate gender specific bathrooms. Some women in the workshop also mentioned that it is not worth trading the time spent as mother for the time spent getting equal opportunity hours at work. When man and woman have the same capabilities, parents could be either two men or two women. What is gender sensitization? Equality seems to have its own pros and cons. Following are 3 questions and answers which briefly present the basics of the workshop. Thanks also for your commendation. Excellent take on a controversial topic! However, in places like Kenya, where women have no rights, the Treaty may be useful. We need to begin to speak out, we need to educate people about what is normal sexual behavior and what is not acceptable and clearly wrong, so that there is no guilt involved in reporting offenses. the survival rate, individual count, literacy, health, safety, respect and freedom will damage the sanctity and the authentication of human existence. The place where the offence is committed should not be washed or cleaned lest evidence be destroyed. However, I hope I never see a urinal in a woman's bathroom. Without being sensitive to the needs of a particular gender, an individual may refrain from understanding the opposite gender and in some acute cases even him or herself. Then why abuse them? How I love simplicity! At the conclusion of this article, there is a table showing the general consensus on what these groups think about gender sensitization. Consequently, I don't see the point of the United States signing this UN Treaty. In totality it is an Enjoyable & Practical Learning Experience for all the Elite Participants. Better knowledge and understanding of gender issues at all levels of society, including communication activities, role plays, dramas, documentaries, various other audio visual aids will raise awareness among both stakeholders and the general public. My favourite consensus in your table is that of the Rastafarians. What is culture and gender sensitization?. Al Wordlaw from Chicago on October 19, 2016: Hi Dora, Nice article, Human life should be Bible based. Do not wash any part of your body, particularly genitals until medical\ examination is conducted. We need to inculcate moral and ethical values in our society about respect to women. If All gender bathrooms had urinals than that would bother me a lot!!! With regard to gender-neutral bathrooms, I've yet to see anyone actually use them, so in my mind, they are a big waste of taxpayer money. Do not wash any of your clothes, undergarments, handkerchief, watch or purse till you are examined by the doctor. As for myself, I have been both a man and a woman when it's about household chores. Men and women in the workplace should be judged on their skills and potentials, not on gender. The concept is a useful tool in promoting excellence, even when it means crossing gender lines. If we are left with choices, we are more able to manage our journey. Any abnormalities in the process of development of these characters can lead to disease or disability that leads to morbidity or mortality if not treated properly. I, like lambservant, view the gender roles in terms of function comparison that is disconnected from value comparison. Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on December 28, 2016: Tamarajo, thanks for your input. Are they not life givers? 1) Definition . Training and awareness-raising in educational set- up, at workplace and in society can eliminate gender-based prejudice and thereby change stereotyped working cultures as regards to the roles and abilities of women and men, including attitude towards women in leadership positions.